Audio - Why won't surround speakers work with soundcard?

I have taken a set of Boston Acoustic Digital BA7500G speakers that came with a Gateway and tried to get them to work with a SoundBlaster SB0410 24 bit card on a different computer.  I can only get sound out of the sub and the front speakers.  The owner of these systems is convinced that these speakers only work with the soundcard included in the gateway (also a SB I believe).

I have never heard of a set of speakers being tied to a specific sound card.  Can anyone verify this?

I think the speakers are digital, and the soundcard is digital and is configured for digital output, but we can only get sound out of the front speakers and the sub -- no rear.

Thank you.
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you may not have all the speakers enabled.

go to the control panel and open Sounds and Audio Devices

under the Volume tab at the bottom you'll see Speaker Settings

click Advanced...

in the new window, under the Speakers tab, you'll see Speaker Setup:

make that say 4.1 or whatever your speaker setup is.

this happened with mine, i have a 4.1 speaker system and for a long time i couldnt get it to play in the rear speakers, until i did this.
Make sure that the sound card supports Surround sound..
and if it supports then you have to make sure that you have pluged it correctly,
and you may not have enabled the speakers.. (check the above comment by wertyk)
good luck
wertyk is right

I've checked with your card and is 5.1 compatible so you have to go and enable it in sound and audio devices in control panel and then you have to configure you exits and inputs in configuration there.

Good luck
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Normally its not possible to tie down speakers to the sound card. However what u do require is that the sound card has sockets for pluggin the speakers into. Namely a "Front Out" and a "Rear OUt" After u have plugged in the speakers properly u need to ensure that the Sub Woofer unit is also connected properly.

After thats out of the way u check that u have thelatest sound card drivers installed and that any application ugot with thesound card is installed. In the caseof the Creative thats the AudioHQ or the mixer settings from where u can just goand select Surround mode and that shud be enuf to have all the speakers working. Creative also comes with asound test program to check the sound outputr so run that to check that the sound output is not damaged from any port of the sound card and that shud make things fine for u.

Often soundcards come with there own software (volume controll etc), as well as checking the controll pannel as wertyk sugested try the software that comes with the soundcard, they may have settings that conflict and may both need to be set to the correct number of speakers. (I'm sure you would have checked there all pluged in by now to the pc and power (if they need power))
These are all good suggestions, but has anyone considered the possibility that the speakers aren't completely card dependent, but may be tied down to the impedance and resistance specifically designed for that card.  For example, i have a 600 ohm microphone that functions properly but i have to scream into when i place it into a sound card that accepts 500 ohm microphones, the jacks are the same, but the impedance is different and the soundcard isn't sensitive enough to pic up on the mic, it could be that his sound card has a different electrical output and that is causing problems.  This typically isn't a big issue in the "compatability" of todays computing but i can see how it might happen.
the impediance thing sounds possable. What if you plug the non-operating speakers into the other plug (where the working speakers are), this should give some indication wether it is the speakers or the rear output not working, also try turning them up as loud as possable, see if they are very quiet or actualy silent (unplug or turn off other speakers first).
first, make sure that the speaker actually works, by plugging it into a ipod or mp3 player

second, if ur motherboard have onboard sound card, make sure u r tuning the volume of the correct sound card, and the correct sound card is selected in control panels.

third, plug in a headphone to make sure that the sound card works

also, make sure that u dint select 'digital output' or spdif  on the sound card.
We may all be going the wrong direction (including my previous post), the questions states "I think the speakers are digital". wouldn't this mean that there would be no front/back plugs, the speakers could not be easily pluged into another device and that the sound card would need to be configured for digital or spdif  output. I have never used speakers like this so i am not sure how thay work.
fuze44Author Commented:
The speakers are definitely digital.

I'm waiting to get my hands back on this system to get a second look.  The owner has taken it to the lake.
fuze44Author Commented:
The answer has been a long time coming, but it appears the surround sound speakers will only work with that particular sound card.  Strangely both the old and new soundcards are SoundBlasters offering digital output.  The speakers are digital as well.  But when I had the speakers hooked into the new soundcard, I could do nothing to get sound out of the two rear speakers.  When I plugged them into the old card, they all played fine.  When I took the old card out of the Gateway and installed it into the Dell, the speakers would still only work with that card.  I checked all of the solutions recommended here, but unfortunately none worked.  My theory is that the digital encoding for the speakers in something that has been left behind in newer soundcards, thus tying them strictly to the original card (and possibly some other older cards).  I've never seen anything like it.  Thanks for your suggestions.  Unfortunately, there is no clear resolution.
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