How can I keep my disk space down while using Incremental backups?

I'm using NTbackup and setting up a backup schedule. We have Windows 2000, 2003, Exchange, ADP, SQL servers here.  I am asking if anyone out there successfuly implemented a solution that uses Incremental backups. For example, I do a FULL backup on Saturday evening on one of our servers, lets say the ADP server. Then the schedule would be:

Sat: Full
Mon: Incremental
Tue: Incremental
Wed: Incremental
Thur: Incremental
Fri: Incremental

My question also is how do I append the Incremental media set without having the data set grow exponentially out of control? Is there a way to append the same data set, but write over it every monday, so we will only have a full backup and 5 Incremental days worth of backup data to worry about? Thanks.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Is there a reason you prefer and/or are using incremental backups instead of differential backups?  Incrementals would be such a pain to manage and worse to restore from.  I prefer differentials myself.  I also find NTBackup to be sensitive about overwriting/formatting tapes.  I'd suggest getting better software if using NTBackup for tape based backups.  (I use it, but only for file based backups to external hard drives).
uraneum73Author Commented:

sorry, after confirming with my boss, yes, we will be using differential. But we are not using tapes; we are using RAID 5 and 2 separate volumes.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I use a batch script to run my backups and store them on an external disk.  I periodically go through and delete the older backup jobs, but generally I keep a few to ensure if something is wrong with one, I have another.

I can see a way you might be able to script the backup jobs to run and save to a file name based on the day of the week.  And immediately before that day's backup executes, it deletes the previous days.

You can see a sample of my script that I use in this question:

A very abbreviated version I might suggest for you would be:

if exist "%date:~0,3%.bkf" del %date:~0,3%.bkf
ntbackup backup "@%windir%\backups\%jobname%.bks" /j "%backupType% Backup" /f "%date:~0,3%.bkf" /d "%backupType% - %jobname%" /v:yes /r:no /l:s /m %backupType% /snap:off /rs:no /hc:off

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uraneum73Author Commented:
Ok, call me a newbie, but how and where do I run or apply this script? I am going to try it out. Thanks.
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