How to Setup HP Printiers to send email notification when there is a problem

We have two HP 5000's and an HP 4100 and I want to have them notify me via email when there is a problem i.e out of toner, jammed etc...   I logged into the printers and entered my email address, smtp server IP address and domain name but I dont receive any emails when something happens. I restarted the printers as well.

I wondered if I was just overlooking something or if I have to change something on the 2003 exchange server?? I looked around on the HP site but didnt see a solution. thanks Tom
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It could be a network issue. On our network I need to notify the network administrator and he enables something so the printer can send email. He needs to do it for each printer.
wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
Have you entered your DNS server IP address?
Without that, the printer will not be able to resolve your domain name.
You may also have to enter the default gateway for the subnet.

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hughixmanAuthor Commented:
  I looked at the config page for the printer next to my office here which is a HP 5100 laserjet. It has the DNS server address entered correctly and also has the correct default gateway.   Tom
hughixmanAuthor Commented:
well I hate to admit it but I kept looking at the settings and finally realized that I had entered .com instead of .local for the domain name suffix as the internal uses .local. Once I changed it to .local I started receiving messages. thanks for the settings tip as it finally opened my eyes! Isnt it always simple once you figure it out.
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