AD Replication.

What happens?

Server A                                 Server B

I create one user account on Server A named "Test1". This user account is replicated to Server B also. Now suddenly the link goes down between these two servers and one of the administrator at Server A deletes Test1 user account and Server B is not aware of the changes because . Now again the Link comes up between these two servers. Now my question is that how AD resolves the issue of "Test1" user. It will be deleted from Server B or will be replicated to Server A from Server B when the replication occurs.

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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectAsked:
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It will be deleted.
All changes that are accepted by one server must be replicated to all servers.
Changes are essentially timestamped, so when the link comes back up, changes will be replicated earliest first through to most recent.


Server A ----------------- Server B
User Test1 is created on Server A and replicated to Server B.
WAN link is broken.
User Test1 is added to a security group on Server A.
User Test1 is removed from that security group on ServerA.
User Test1 is deleted on Server A.
WAN link comes back up.
Now, when replication happens, this is what happens on Server B:
User Test1 is added to the security group.
User Test1 is removed from the security group.
User Test1 is deleted.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Could you please explain it technically? Why it is not get replicated but deleted? Why?

Thanks for your time.
Ignore the link down event for a minute.

This is what happens:

1.Server A creates user
2.Server B replicates the creation of the user
3.Server A deletes user
4.Server B replicates the deletion of the user

The fact that the link broke between 3 and 4 just adds more time to the process, but other than that, replication occurs exactly the same.

Actually only two changes ocurred: creation of user and deletion of user. The other server is just replicating what the first server did.

After the link is restored, changes initiated at server A get replicated to server B, and viceversa.

The user is not created at A, because that change (the creation of the user) was not initiated at server B.

Changes are never replicated to the DC where the change was initiated.


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