IBM ThhinkPad shuts down unexpectedly

I have an IBM ThinkPad A22P that shuts off unexpectedly, when it's in XP Pro SP2 and even when not in the OS (while in the BIOS).  It seems to be from overheating, although I'm not certain.  I've tested it while on battery only,  with AC adaptor connected, and every combination thereof.  I don't think it is the AC/DC power adaptor, as I've used other known good ones.  I'm thinking that it must be the processor fan not working or the main system board fan not working, but I can't find the FRU replacement part for a system board fan, only a processor fan.
Has anyone had a similar problem, or knows what the solution to this is ?
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This can be anything from overheating to ram to a bad contact or a bad battery. First try using a can of compressed air to clean out all vents. Then if that doesn't help, download and run memtest86+ from and run at least 5 passes. Also try reseating the ram, or try swapping slots.
lkula166Author Commented:
Thanks for the link to memtest86+, I tested each SIMM separately and they both test without any errors (1 1/2 hrs.).  I'm reasonably sure that it's heat related, 'cause after I was done testing, I rebooted and it started to go into Windows XP and about 30 seconds into the bootup process, it shutdown again, tried again several times and it kept shutting down in shorter and shorter intervals.   The strange thing is that the memtest86+ ran for over an hour and a half and it didn't shutdown - and of course the HD never comes into play 'cause the memtest is running from a floppy.  Is it posible the HD is compromised?  I did run AVAST's AV on it prior to the memtest  and it found one Trojan virus that I deleted.  I also noticed that there is no exhaust fan working on the left side of the Thinkpad where there appears to be an exhaust vent - is there one in that model?
The fans, mainly those of a notebook, will often only kick in when there is excessive heat, so it is possible that this fan just isn't running at that time. The memtest also doesn't really use much resources in terms of heat. It is possible that there is something wrong with the disk. You could first try using a spare disk in the system to check if it works with that (a new, clean installation would be necessary). You can also slave the disk in another PC (you'd need an adapter for 2.5" to 3.5", or use a USB casing), and then test it there. Even Avast! isn't foolproof, so it is possible you picked up something. Also check the system for other malware, using spybot S&D and adaware.

A chkdsk /r /x on that disk could also help, and running the disk test utility of the manufacturer (should be downloadable), or powermax of maxtor, which works on most HD's.

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I had an IBM T23 and after 2 and half years start to doing very funny things. Sometimes didn't recognize one of RAM memory slots, Win freezes and only way to restart was actually to disconnect and remove the battery. Then sometimes LCD just go blank and couldn't switch off properly, again only way was to remove the battery. I've tried everything to fix it, i couldn't. I send for repair and the service guy said that he already had couple of IBM ThikPads with same problems. They've changed the motherboard.
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