Ethernet broadband passwords in Mandriva

To All,
  I recently successfully installed Mandriva.I have broadband and after many failures with a DSL[USB] modem,I finally settled for a ZyXel coupled through my Ethernet card.It connects to my provider no problems.
  However when I try to access the internet with my Browser[Konqueror,Mozilla or Epiphany}they all come up with a dialogue box requesting passwords etc.and I can get nowhere.

    This is what is required

    System password
    Username:       This I can supply correctly
    Password[to getinto my supplier]    This I can supply correctly

         The trouble seems to be in the system password.
  I have tried my mandriva user and root passwords + the supplier password to no avail.I cannot find any provision to set another password.
   Can anybody please help me on this problem
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run ifconfig /all and post the results here.
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
a) does ZyXel need a username and a password? if yes, did you already setup them?
b) if a), then did you already started the connection?
c) if b), then can you check you have connectivity? for that, do this:

if you think you are connected, you should see a default route when you run route -n

mmhh... thinking it deeper, rindi is right

put the output of
route -n

when you think you are connected to your isp

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gabagAuthor Commented:
To rindi
  ifconfig /all returned      /all:error fetching interface information:Device not found
     Thx gabag
gabagAuthor Commented:
To Redimodo,
   your comment led me to read the modem instructions more carefully ,and I inserted the default password for the modem >Bingo, I got straight on with my browsers
   PS I shall allot points later
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