Stop Error

I have been getting the Stop: stop: c000021a error with 0x0000005 in the string. Blue screen, restart.
I am thinking bullseye network or some other trojan. Anyone know anything about this?
I cannot format this machine, way too much into it.
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Ok, according to Aumha's Troubleshooting page, the 21a error has to do with process terminated:


More detailed information can be obtained here:

I am not familiar with the 21a error code or the reason for it but if you suspect you have a trojan, I would suggest a Hi-Jack This log and the folks at Aumha Hi-Jack This Forum (HJT) are always glad to help:

Go here, scroll down to the HJT Forum and click.  Read the top post for complete instructions for preparing for a Hi - Jack This Log and free analysis.  If you have vermin on this computer, this process will take care of it or at the very least assure you the computer is clean.

TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
I ran hjt and did not find anything out of the ordinary.
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TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
i am finding transponder.abetterinternet to be an ongoing problem. I remove it, and it coems back. s there a registry entry or something telling this to reinstall at startup?
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
and when i remove it with adaware, my avast antivirus goes banas finding virus's then the BSOD happens.
Sometimes one must turn off "System Restore" (right click on "My computer"> select properties> select system restore tab and check for turn off) .  In case this malware attempts to replicate itself.   Then perhaps you should remove any remnants in "Safe Mode".

Aumha MVP's usually have some additional online scans like Panda and Raven prior to doing an HJT log.  Did you do the drill with the Shredder utility also.  Might still be the ticket left you end up with a clean install:

Here is a set of instructions for a clean install of your operating system.  This would be your best solution if you can afford to start over.  You will lose all your user data with this option:


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TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
I am well aware of how to do a clean install. I do not want to do that.
I found a symantec tool that removes "adware.betterinternet" in all it's forms, that seems to have fixed this problem. No more warning from MSAV or Avast and no more BSOD's (so far).
I am going to close this question and split the points. Thanks.
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