Hi guys i once asked this question at another forum 2 years ago. Is it possible to view icons/images on a datasheet just as you would on a TreeControl in Access?. So in other words have a field on your datasheet that would just display either a .bmp or .ico image and it would display the same image for every new record on that datasheet.
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I don't think you could do it in a datasheet but you can make a continuous form look just like a datasheet and display the images in it.
scameron03Author Commented:
Continuous Form?
Goto insert>form>form wizard, choose query or table where the data comes from, next>select fields, next>select tabular, next>select standard, next>select modify the form's design, select display help on working with the form, finish.

If the property box is not visible, goto view>properties
Click on the square in the upper left corner of the form window, between the two rulers.
On the format tab of the property box, note that default view is continuous forms

select all the controls in the header section
in the property box>format>special effect, select raised
in the menu>format>align>left
drag the top of the detail bar up

select all the controls in the detail section
in the property box>format>special effect, select flat
in the menu>format>align>left
in the menu>format>size>to shortest
drag all the controls in the detail section up to the top of the detail section
drag the top of the form footer bar up

goto view>form view
you should see a continuous form that with a bit more massaging will look like a datasheet

In design view, you can add an image

You probably should kick the points up for that.
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Let's see, 30/500 = 6%.  Ergo this should be no better than a 6% solution?  
Good point!

disreguard my last post, here is the answer:
Goto insert>form>form wizard, choose query or table where the data c

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Rod should know, as we are of the same ilk.
Sorry, but aside from the points issue,
You cannot have an OLE object in a continuous Form,
the best that you can do is to have the OLE object on the Header or Footer of the Form, and On Current of the continuous Record, like them to show the image.

scameron03Author Commented:
Thanks thenelson. With reference to jjaffer's post, i would want an icon/image added automatically each time a new record is put in without having to go into design view each time.
Case in point when you look at the contacts directory on most of the new mobile phones today, they have a human icon against each record.
> i would want an icon/image added automatically each time a new record is put in
That would be possible in the normal Single Form view, it is not possible in a continuous Form, as I have indicated above.

> without having to go into design view each time.
You don't.
it will be picked up automatically from its link from the subform.
scameron03Author Commented:
Thanks dude. Bby the way is it just me or was most of thenelson's last post omitted. About 60% of it is not visible, so i don't know what he was recommending i do.
I was able to put images in the detail lines of the continuous form.  I created an OLE object field in the table and bound an object frame to the field in the detail line.  I then did page copies from Kodak Imaging for Windows and pasted a different image into each bound frame on each line.  Works fine.

Not 60% but 93.5%.  I know GRayL came up with 6% and I gave you 6.5%.  I just like to give people more than they paid for.  I that kind of guy.
Makes a big, fat database, but works.
Hey Nelson,
1. What version of Access are you using?
2. would you be kind to post the mdb so that we can have a look at?


scameron03Author Commented:
Thanks again dudes, managed to work it out myself seconds after my last post, Looks great. Although anyone good with VB i would like an "On Click" expression that would highlight either an entire row or a specific field on my (look-alike datasheet).
scameron03Author Commented:
One again i've figured out the answer to my last question.
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