Is it absolutely necessary to have 4 sticks of ram for a Tyan Tiger K8W (S2875) dual opteron system?

I am getting conflicting reports from sources online. Is there a definative way to find out is it absolutely necessary to have 4 sticks of ram for a Tyan Tiger K8W (S2875) dual opteron system?
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Absolutely necessary? Probably not. It depends on what you'll be doing. I tend to think it's more of a recommendation for optimum performance. But if minimum performance is already fine for you, so be it.

I'm sure other experts can contribute more, but it might help if you ccheck out these links (if you haven't done so):
I read somewhere (yeah... who what and where....), that the dual cpu nice feature of this board is that each CPU runs its own memory..................        but whether its from a different pair (which would imply that having all four sockets filled would enable better something)...........

If it were my board, and I had two CPUs... I would run two sockets... and run some benchmarks.. then populate the other two, and benchmark it again... see what apples fall from the tree
Per block diagram in mobo manual, the two CPUs share memory.  Two sticks of matched Registered DDR RAM will be required since memory bus is 128 bit (dual channel).

So unless Tyan tech info is incorrect, only 2 sticks of RAM are required whether single or dual CPU installation.

Performance should be about the same with same total amount of RAM.

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