'SET IDENTITY_INSERT ' + @TablesName + ' OFF' doesnn't work


I have a big problem:
If I try to execute SET IDENTITY_INSERT as below,

DECLARE @SqlCheckIdentity  varchar (255)
SET @SqlCheckIdentity = 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT ' + @TablesName + ' ON'
EXEC (@SqlCheckIdentity)


DECLARE @SqlCheckIdentity  varchar (255)
SET @SqlCheckIdentity = 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT ' + @TablesName + ' OFF'
EXEC (@SqlCheckIdentity)

the command is not executed....in store procedure (in query analyzer say: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table '@TablesName'  when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF).

I mean in this way I cannot set the identity ON/OFF

Do you know how to execute SET INSERT.... with parameters?

Thank a lot

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NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
Hi erncelen,

I believe, you ran full frontal into a "feature": after the EXEC the IDENTITY_INSERT status is reset.

You can circumvent this only by also putting the INSERT into the EXEC.
The following SP shows this:

DECLARE @t nvarchar(255), @s nvarchar(255)

SET @t = 'TestIdentityTable'

EXEC('CREATE TABLE ' + @t + ' (id int IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, product varchar(40))')

-- Inserting values into table.
EXEC('INSERT INTO ' + @t + '(product) VALUES (''screwdriver'')')
EXEC('INSERT INTO ' + @t + '(product) VALUES (''hammer'')')
EXEC('INSERT INTO ' + @t + '(product) VALUES (''saw'')')
EXEC('INSERT INTO ' + @t + '(product) VALUES (''shovel'')')

-- Create a gap in the identity values.
EXEC('DELETE ' + @t + '  WHERE product = ''saw''')

-- Insert row in gap
EXEC('SET IDENTITY_INSERT ' + @t + ' ON INSERT INTO ' + @t + ' (id, product) VALUES(3, ''garden shovel'')SET IDENTITY_INSERT ' + @t + ' OFF')



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I tried the following sequence in SQL Query analizer and it worked:

DECLARE @SqlCheckIdentity  varchar (255)
DECLARE @TablesName  varchar (255)
set @TablesName = 'test'
SET @SqlCheckIdentity = 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT ' + @TablesName + ' ON'
EXEC (@SqlCheckIdentity)

You should set a value which is a table name for the @TablesName  variable (the line I added to your code). I used a table named "test" and it worked without problems.
erncelenAuthor Commented:
Thank to everybody for your suggestion,

now I can carry on with my job
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