TightVnc binds to local ip instead of internet ip

I put tightvnc on a client's computer and set it to run as a service.  Problem is that it grabs the local ip at startup - how do I make it smart enough to wait for an internet ip assigned of course by the isp and answer to that instead?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It should be listening on all IPs.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Or is the system behind a firewall or router?
gsgiAuthor Commented:
Ok. I'll try it out.  I just noticed the local ip when I put my cursor over it in the little system tray, so I assumed that it was only listening to it.
I try tomorrow to actually connect to it, I think my client has gone to bed for the evening.  Thanks.  -Greg
Tim HolmanCommented:
DependOnService registry key may help - this can force tightvnc to start after a particular service has.

Or, you could create an icon that ran a batch script that ran the dial-up, and then ran tightvnc ?  The user would click this, so that tightvnc would run after setup.

eg:  dialup.exe && tightvnc.exe would wait for dialup.exe to finish before launhcing tightvnc.

Or, delay the loading of the service:


If the client is set to DHCP, does tightvnc try and grab ?  Is the client already connected to something ?

It really depends on the network configuation, how is the client connected to the internet, is a router involved?

TightVNC will say it is listening on all currently active IP addresses, If the client is using a router to connect to the internet make sure ports are forwarded and it will be fine.
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