(Game) Enemy Territory downloads maps slow over LAN

Me and my buddies play ET all the time online and never have any problems.  Everytime we have EVER tried to get together and play it at a LAN it only transfers at about 20k no matter who hosts.  When playing on an internet server, we consistently get 150k +.  What gives?

p.s. Sorry about the gaming question... don't know if this is kosher or not.
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check the lan adapter setup, remove ALL protocols except tcp/ip

make any difference?

Tim HolmanCommented:
Plug two machines back to back with crossover cable.  Does this fix the issue?
It's likely there is QoS on the network, or performance issues.
CerixusAuthor Commented:
Ummm, no.  There are no other protocols running.  No QoS on any of the workstations and it's a 24 port Cisco gigabit switch, so I'm pretty sure the 6 PCs are not causing LAN performance issues... :)
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Tim HolmanCommented:
Are there firewalls, AV or host IPS installed on any of the potential 'host' machines?
CerixusAuthor Commented:
Definitely no antivirus or firewalls running.  I actually had to google "host IPS" to see what it was, obviously nothing like that running.
Tim HolmanCommented:
Did you try a crossover cable, or a different/hub/switch with nothing else connected?
CerixusAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty sure this is a configuration problem with ET.  I've heard that there is a config file you can edit to fix this problem.  I was really looking for someone who had previously experienced and fixed this problem.  Everyone I game with works in the IT field in various roles and we have troubleshot this to death...  It's not a networking issue.

Maybe EE needs a gaming section...  :)
Tim HolmanCommented:
>Maybe EE needs a gaming section...  :)

It's a good job we already have one...


..but after having a dig round, check this:

In server.cfg, change:

set sv_lanforcerate "0"


set sv_lanforcerate "1"


CerixusAuthor Commented:
My bad, I looked for a games section when posting this and didn't find it, thanks for pointing that out.

As for that setting, you can set all those from the GUI and perhaps it's worded ambigously.  I would have assumed you would not want to force the rate; thinking it was a limit.  I'm almost sure I've tried that both ways and many options in that dialog, but I will give it a try again just to be positive.  I think I'll also try uploading everything to my webserver and trying that option out.  Even though it seems a bit silly at a LAN to have everyone DL files from a remote server.  Also, we discovered that if you copy the ENTIRE \etmain\ folder the clients will not have to download any files.  We had initially just copied the pk3 files, but it would still try to copy them from the server.  Apparently there's some index file in the etmail folder.  I'll see if I can't narrow it down, because as it is if you copy the entire folder the profile goes too.
Tim HolmanCommented:
set sv_lanforcerate "1" forces the clients to use maximum bandwidth available, so should definitely help out..

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