Hard drive that supports motherboard

I have an old MicroStar International MS-6167 motherboard and I am looking to upgrade my desktop to a larger hard drive (I am on a 20gb hard drive now). I am looking for hard drives that can support my motherboard and a site i visited said that i need a EIDE Ultra-DMA/66 hard drive but the problem is I can't find a hard drive larger then 20gb. I am preferably looking for an 80-120gb hard drive but I don't know if my motherboard can handle it. Can someone please either help me find one or some information that might help me out.

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A DMA 133 HD should be backward compatible and also run in a DMA 66 System, it just won't reach the top speed. From my experiance I haven't had any problems using a larger disk than 20 GB in a system that recognized that 20 GB. The next barrier would normally be at around 137 GB. So I think you can safely use a larger disk, but don't go larger than 137 GB. If by some bad chance it shouldn't work, you can either use the disk overlay program which either comes with the new HD, or you can download from the manufacturer's site, or much better, get an PCI-IDE adapter, and then you can attach anything.
it can be a good solution, to use a PCI to ide adaptor card, that qay you could run the bigger drive at top speed :

DjberecAuthor Commented:
So rindi you are saying I could get a larger hard drive but don't go over 137gb without buying that adapter, but the site I am going to order the hard drive off of only has Ultra ATA-100 and Ultra ATA-133 and I really don't know which to order and which one will go with my system. So should I look for a new hard drive that is compatable with DMA or will ATA work?
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The ATA 66, ATA 100 and ATA 133 is the speed at which the data can be transfered to the disk, and they are downward compatible, so a ATA 133 disk will also run on a 66 or 100 Bus, and a ATA 100 disk will run on a 66 Board. The slower disks will also run on faster boards, they just can't run at the same speeds as the 133 disks. Also, in order to be able to use the faster speeds, you need to use the 80 Wire cables, and not the 40 wire cables that were used in old boards like yours.

I'd just either get the cheaper disk if I were you, it doesn't really matter if it is a 100 or 133 Disk.

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DjberecAuthor Commented:
Also I just bought a Lexmark Z715 USB Printer and all of a sudden it stopped working could it be that I need to buy a USB 2.0 card and cable because my computer has a 1.1 (i think)

No, printers will not have any problems with USB 1.1. I've heard of a couple of situations when lexmarks just stopped working. If you can, try it on another PC, if it doesn't work there, send it back for a warranty replacement, if it works, then we'd have to troubleshoot the fault further. We'd need to know what OS you are using, and one thing you could try is to test your USB ports using a simple USB device like a mouse. But you'd better post a new question for that, as it is completely unrelated with the current question and also to get other experts on the scene to help out.
DjberecAuthor Commented:
Ok i tried what you said and tried it on my laptop and it worked so it must mean that my USB port on my computer is messed up like the technician said so I will be a USB 2.0 card for my computer, thanks for all the help.
No problem.
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