how to use a SqlCommand parameter for a table name

I would like to use a parameter for the table name in the select statment of the SqlCommand. I have :

SqlCommand s;
s = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM @table",connection2);
s.Parameters.Add("@table",SqlDbType.VarChar,4).Value = vendor;

But it doesnt seem to like that and errors out? It says must declare the variable @table

If i have it like:

s.Parameters.Add("table",SqlDbType.VarChar,4).Value = vendor;

It errors out and says "incorrect syntax near "table"
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Parameters can be input, output or both but not a table name. When creating a table you have the name of the table, column, and table constraints but a table does not have a data type such as VarChar.
As FernandoSoto said, you cannot use a paramater for the table name. However you can use a trick like this to somehow parameterize you query:

SqlCommand s = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM _#table#_", connection2);

s.CommandText = s.CommandText.Replace ("_#table#_", vendor);
Jesse HouwingScrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | ConsultantCommented:
SqlCommand s = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM _#table#_", connection2);
s.CommandText = s.CommandText.Replace ("_#table#_", vendor);

replacing is a slow process, String.Format is your friend here:

string Sql = String.Format(@"
     SELECT * FROM {0} WHERE KeyColumn = @Value
", Tablename);

SqlCommand s = new SqlCommand(Sql, connection2);

Please note that this is quite dangarous if the value isn't hardcoded or thoroughly checked as it allows SQL injection. Make sure you check the value of Tablename before actually inserting it into the SQL string.

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mbosicoAuthor Commented:
thanks for the suggestions evryone, i will test later today and get back with the results
mbosicoAuthor Commented:
is this not the correct format:

s = new SqlCommand(String.Format(@"SELECT * FROM {0} WHERE KeyColumn = @Value", "Master_" + vendor),connection2);

says i have to declare @Value?
mbosicoAuthor Commented:
nevermind, i was being dumb

i got the correct solution

s = new SqlCommand(String.Format(@"SELECT * FROM {0}", "Master_" + vendor),connection2);

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