WP 10 slow opening, saving files

I'm running Windows XP (SP2) with 512 MB RAM, and use WP10 as my primary word processing program.  Ever since I loaded MS Office 2003, which I usemainly for Excel & Outlook (my mail program), WP10 is slow to load, slow to open and save files.  I don't have the same problem opening and closing Excel or MS Word files.  I also have Norton Utilities, which is often running in the background.  Outlook also runs in the background.  I suspect WP10 has a conflict with Outlook 2003.  Any solutions?
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Maybe it is a memory problem?
Have you checked the Performance tab in Task Manager?
WordPerfect 10 is on SP4.  Do you have this?  If not, here is the link...

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> might very well get DELETED.
This is part of the standard CV template, but it encourages cherry picking.
It also assumes that the expert has the time to look at every single question that is being revised (I do not always have time, specially when a cleanup robot posts in multiple questions where I have posted)
But since you asked, I would suggest a split, as our answers have PAQ value.

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Dennis-36Author Commented:
I don't know if this will be posted as a reply to the above comments from your experts.  I did not abandon the question.  I simply didn't know how to respond.  Your format seems to allow me to "Accept" the answer as a solution.  Neither comment solve my problem.  It wasn't a memory problem or my lack of SP4.  Is this how I respond?
Dennis-36Author Commented:
Further comment:  I see that this is indeed how I was supposed to respond.  Sorry!  
Thanks for responding and giving us further clues.
On the other hand, please appreciate that without being in front of your computer, all we can do is to guess on how to help you out.

If I would have your problem, I would open up the Processes tab of Task Manager, and click twice on CPU, to sort in descending order.
You should find the process used by WP10. How far down is it on the list, and how much CPU is it taking?

Another angle to look at is your virus checker. Can you turn it off, just to see if there is any improvement in performance?


If none of the solutions proffered resolves your problem you shouldn't suffer in silence.  You should please let us know so that we can suggest further things.  To a lot of people who comment on questions silence from the asker often means that there has not yet been the opportunity to try out the various things that have been suggested, and needs some "space" rather than be badgered into responding.

Dabas' suggestion about temporarily disabling the virus checker sounds good.  If you have a software firewall that may also cause problems too.  If it is either of these things, then you should be able to exclude certain things from being scanned (file extensions, or activity emanating from a particular EXE): either ignoring the activity completely, or telling the software that it is "trusted".  What firewall do you have? Some of them don't turn off easily.

Do you load up Outlook immediately on Startup?  What happens if you don't start Outlook up at Startup?

The only other thing I can add off the top of my head is that, in loading Office 2003, various library files and registry entries have been updated by the installer (the installation program that is initiated in order to install Office).  In doing so, the route taken to do the various things needed to load up and use WordPerfect may have become extended.  Also, in installing Office 2003 on your pc, Windows Update might take longer to ascertain whether there are any updates required for your pc.  

Having said that, none of these things should disadvantage WordPerfect compared to Office, except this business of the  library files, or of Outlook hogging processing time at Startup.
One more thing is that Norton Utilities might not be as comfortable as it was prior to loading Office.  The trouble with utilities such as these is that they can be sensitive to version changes within products.  I would think that the writers of Norton would need to delve into the activity that a program produces to see whether it is functioning according to its inbuilt plan (treating it as a "black box").  If Norton were geared to monitoring an older version of Outlook, for example, it may not be as happy with this newer version:  updating Norton Utilities to the latest level (using LiveUpdate), or disabling it will enable you to rule that one out.
Dennis-36Author Commented:
Thank you, Dabas and Moorhouselondon.  I did look at the processes in my Task Manager, and it didn't seem to be any different from what was happening prior to my loading MS Office 2003, and I did try disabling different  features of  Norton, and then all of Norton.  None of that seemed to work.  

This business of loading Outlook when I boot up seems interesting, because that is indeed how I have configured Outlook.  I usually have Outlook running in the background, and I wonder whether loading Outlook after booting up and leaving it in the background (which I prefer) will still affect WP.  When I was running MS Office 2000, I loaded Outlook at boot-up, and there was no problem.  

I think that the filters on MS Office 2003 and Norton either conflict or are trying to do the same thing.  Norton, in particular, seems overly intrusive.  Thus, when I try to load or save a WP document, one of these programs is looking at it before it opens or saves, which takes the extra time.  The question is:  what to do about it.

I also thought that I might be reaching a file/folder limit in WP, which tends to slow down the program.  But that wouldn't account for the slowness in opening the file.  Everything else in WP is fast, just opening and saving.  And when (on rare occasions) I have to work in MS Word or Excel, opening and saving files is not slow.  Is this one of those evil Microsoft ploys to get us dedicated WP'ers to switch?
>  Thus, when I try to load or save a WP document, one of these programs is
> looking at it before it opens or saves, which takes the extra tim

I am not very knowledgeable with Norton, but on my virus checker, there is an option to select which extensions get scanned.
For example, I also turned off scanning mdb files as they are quite big and I do work with them often and KNOW that I have not written any viruses into them!
Are you able to switch scanning off for the extensions WordPerfect uses?

>Are you able to switch scanning off for the extensions WordPerfect uses?
Yes, the extensions would be WPD and WPT, plus anything in the folder used as Backup in WordPerfect.  See:-
Tools, Settings, Files:  Backup Folder
(Not a good idea to make the Backup Folder your regulart MyDocuments folder, because then none of your Word docs would be scanned for viruses!)
>Is this one of those evil Microsoft ploys to get us dedicated WP'ers to switch?

Do a Google search on:-
undocumented hooks Chinese Walls microsoft

for some cyber-history
Skipping for now...
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