watchdog timeout

Hi experts,

I have FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE and after moving my computer on an airplane, I am no longer able to use the NIC. I keep getting complaints of vr0: watchdog timeout. I am wondering if the NIC (D-Link DFE-530Tx) is dead, but I suspect misconfiguration as I have changed from to (provided by DLink DI-624) and I receive the same watchdog timeout with my other NIC (Etherlink xl pci 3c900b-TP0).

I have used sysinstall to configure my /etc/rc.conf (and the network settings *are* correct*):
ifconfig_vr0="inet   netmask"

I have already disabled ACPI in the BIOS.

Any ideas? Can I provide more info?

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There are other references on the web to this sort of problem. Turning off ACPI, PNP mode (in the system BIOS), and making sure that noting else is sharing the IRQ for the NIC helps for some folks. Try a web search for "freebsd watchdog timeout".

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sow56091Author Commented:
Thanks Jlevie,

It was the Plug and Play BIOS that caused the trouble. I disabled it and now everything is good again. Thanks again for your help.

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