How to defrag W2K Pro without Admin rights?

Our Users do not have Admin rights on their workstations.  We're creating new images, and want to give the Users access to defrag on their own PC.  I created an icon on the User's desktop to the defrag executable giving it admin rights to no avail.  According to Microsoft, defrag was specifically designed to be run only as an administrator on workstations since local  Users are usually admins on their workstations.  But, we're running a Novell network w/W2K on all workstations.  

  I've read that there is a workaround to do this...does anyone know it?  We want to have this defrag capability at each workstation, and not push through the Network.  Thank you.
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As Admin you could schedule defrag to automatically run at a certain time. Then there would be no need for user intervention.
Create a list of workstations, called PCList.txt - only list the names of the systems, no \\ on the line then create the following script using Notepad, save it as RmtDfrg.cmd

@echo off
For /F %%A IN (C:\PCList.txt) DO SCHTasks /Create /S %%A /RU System /SC Monthly /MO Last /D Fri /ST 20:00:00 /TN AutoDefrag /TR "%systemroot%\system32\defrag -f C:"

Now, run RmtDfrg with credentials that would possess local administrative rights to every PC in the domain.
This will create a task on each workstation that will run under the System credentials (no password necessary).  It will reoccur the last Friday of every month and begin at 8pm (20:00).  The task name will be identfied as AutoDefrag and it will force a defrag to run against the C drive.

Hope that helps. :^)
vlewisAuthor Commented:
We're actually looking for a solution that would allow the User to run the defrag at their descretion.  Is it possible to run a script similar to this on the local machine; i.e., creating it with admin rights and also giving it admin security rights, then perhaps placing a desktop icon fur the User (who will be logging on w/o admin rights).  I believe we tried this years ago in a class I was taking...and it didn't work.  Does anyone know how to make this work?  Thank you.
I don't believe it's possible, nor desirable.  A end-user may not understand the wear-and-tear that occurs on a disk defrag if run too often.  I wouldn't advise running it any more frequent than 3-4 weeks, which is why I suggested the above method...

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