Green Light for Connected Stays Lit or Stable In Safe Mode but Not Normal Mode for Wireless USB Adapter

Hi Everyone:

       Through some troubleshooting with a a pc, I have noticed something which does not make sense.  Basically, the wireless USB adapter shows a stable green light for connectivity in Safe Mode, but, not Normal Mode.  Could this possibly mean there are corrupted or missing network drivers for the wireless?  Or, could this mean the wireless USB adapter is bad itself?  There are many other issues going on as well with this wireless such as its inability to automatically acquire network addresses like IP numbers and DNS information.  

       The model of the wireless is Microsoft Wireless USB Adapter, Model MN-510.  The OS on this pc is Windows XP Pro SP2.  

        With the mentioned problem, would it prove more fruitful to simply purchase a new wireless USB adapter as opposed to trying to continue troubleshooting it?  On the one hand, the lights on the wireless show steady or stable within Safe Mode, thus, indicating a non-hardware problem.  But, on the other hand, it begins blinking within Normal Mode, thus, indicating a problem with the wireless or perhaps some form of driver corruption of the network adapter itself.

        Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

       Thank you


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< With the mentioned problem, would it prove more fruitful to simply purchase a new> <wireless USB adapter as opposed to trying to continue troubleshooting it?>

*No this adapter is working fine in the field; however, if it is defective get a warranty replacement.

<But, on the other hand, it begins blinking within Normal Mode, thus, indicating a> <problem with the wireless or perhaps some form of driver corruption of the network> <adapter itself.>

Do you have the latest drivers/firmware?

*The Power light on my adapter won’t stop blinking when I update the adapter firmware.

Reset the adapter.
Unplug the adapter from the power supply, and then plug it in again.
The Power light will first turn orange.
Wait for the Power light to turn green.
Try updating the firmware again.

Also, try turning off your XP SP2 Firewall and test the unit.

Let's start here & go foward :)

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fyi-note: If you are updating a Microsoft base station or Xbox Wireless Adapter, we recommend that you disable any firewall software on your computer before running the Update Wizard. You do not need to disable Windows Firewall. If you do not disable other firewall software, the Update Wizard might not be able to update your device. Some examples of popular firewall software include:

Internet Connection Firewall. For information about updating Microsoft Windows XP to use Windows Firewall, go to
Just to be sure we are on the same page -- please verify lights.

In safe mode the WL driver is probably not loaded & no connection to WL unit.
In normal mode connection is made & blinking light is normal link state activity of data packet send/receive.

Adapter Status Lights: P. 9
The status lights on the USB adapter and the notebook adapter work in the same way.
The following table describes the behavior of these status lights.
driver problem.  in safe mode, windows uses generic drivers.  if it works there, the usb adapter works, you can connect fine.  check the usb drivers installed see if they are right for motherboard -- sometimes need better xp drivers for board for usb -- check board maker, see if updated drivers.  if usb works in safe, no need to get rid of it
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

         Certainly, the observations made and reported certainly sparked a lot of thinking on my part which resulted in many questions.  Much of my decision making is based upon deductive reasoning.  Therefore, I decided to quickly determine if the problem was with the wireless or some software problem like network driver corruption.  Therefore, a friend of mine brought his pc over and I tested the wireless USB adapter on his system.  To my surprise, the light stayed a stable or constant green on both Safe and Normal Mode.  And, most importantly, I was able to connect to my MSHOME LAN and connect to the internet.

         Without a doubt, the wireless USB adapter is working fine.  Therefore, it will prove more reasonable to investigate possible driver corruption of the network adapter.  

         Thanks again everyone for the great help.

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