Transfering data into excel automatically..if excel active

Is there way for data aquistion routine to detect if excel is actaully running, if this is active, however to transfer data array into excel automatically?.

If the excel is not running, it performs a scan for existance then it popup window asking operator if he wish to excutes the excel and then transfer data. Operator simply click Yes button and then it load the excel and provide feedback that excel is ready and hence transfer data.

I perfer to restrict coding to this program (master) rather than excel.

Program example would be exteremely useful.



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Here a link to a short tutorial about Excel programming with C#:

Some helpful links for starting your work:

This is a refence to the Excel programming objects for VBA, which are exactly the same as the object in .Net:

Unfortunately I could not find any information on how to check if Excel is running :-((
Here is a link to check if Excel is running in Delphi. I suppose you can make almost the same in C#:

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