Dell Powervault 725n - After running windows update, won't Boot - Help my flight leaves in 3 hours!!!!

Please help, I am desperate. My flight for thailand with my girl leaves in 3 hours and my dell powervault 725n is now dead. I just ran windows updates to make sure it was patched before my vacation and after rebooting, the CERC ATA/100/4ch RADI controller can see all the drives (4 80 gig Barracutta 7200rpm) , but the when the Adaptec SCSI Bios v3.10.0 runs, it scans all the ID's on both channels (thats what it says on screen) but does not reconginize anything and it just hangs there.

I have no experience with this unit, it was basically plugedd intop our network for storage and has worked fine for the last 2 years.
If anyone can pleeeasse help me I would pay you as many freaking points as you want. Damn, I'll send you a cheque for 100 bucks - no joke. Is anybody around that can assist on this??

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What system are you running?

I suppose the obvious suggestion would be to boot in safe mode and uninstall the latest update which caused this problem.

Good luck.
Here's a couple of links on this topic:,aid,111126,00.asp
If you can't even boot in safe mode, then see the following:

brooksan3Author Commented:
Im running windows 2000 server appliance, but can't get past this scsi bio screen to do ANYTHING - help.. please......
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brooksan3Author Commented:
Oh yeah, the  unit does not even have a CD drive, so I can't boot from the windows disk...
Hmm... I am not familar with that particular setup. Someone else may jump in.

Since time is short, consider a call to Microsoft Tech Support.

Another suggestion: Get and install the latest BIOS update from Dell for the powervault 725n.
Also, call Dell Tech Support in addition to MS Tech Support.
Try going into the scsi bios menu (Ctrl-A i think). You should be able to do some sort of diagnostics check. Try that and see what it says.
Well, you've either gotten problem fixed or missed flight by now but I was sawing logs at 2:00 AM (CDT)

Always check to ensure that storage unit is powered up and cables are connected before doing anything else.  In other words, check for obvious, simple, common problems first.
brooksan3Author Commented:
Im in Thailand now, I ended up fixing the problem with an hour to spare for my flight which was, thank god, delayed an hour. The problem was resolved by unplugging a connected scsi backup device. I do not know what the problem was at this time, but I don't care either. Thanks for the replies. How do I close this question?
Ask in support for a PAQ/Refund.
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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