unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive

Hi my experts,
In my application I use a classe CRijndael form this link
When I compile my project, an error occur:
unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive
So what I can't do to solve this problem?
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try to include
#include "Rijndael.cpp"
instead of
#include "Rijndael.h"
or better
using menu in VC++
Project->Add to Poject -> FIles ...
add Rijndael.cpp and Rijndael.h
and then only
#include "Rijndael.h"
must work :))
What B1-66ER of course is right,
 anyway if you are using the stdafx project, so if in your project is included the stdafx.h you should include it too the Rijndael.cpp.

At the top most of the file Rijndael.cpp:
#include "stdafx.h"

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In Microsoft visual c++ 6.0 and 7.0 go to the project settings,select tab C/C++ you will find the tab precompiled headers.

set the first parameter to Not Using Precompiled Headers.

recompile it and your problem will be gone.

what i just said depends on what kind of project it is. But if you have a stdafx.h in your project include it in Rijndael.cpp

and when you still have a error you must set the precompiled header options to this file
Actually, if you are using a precompiled header (stdafx) you don't have to include stdafx.h in Rijndael. Instead you could simply select 'Not Using Precompiled Headers' just for this class.

To do this:
1. go to the project settings tab and select Rijndael.cpp instead of the whole project.
2. select the C++ tab
3. set the first parameter to 'Not Using Precompiled Headers'
in ur Rijndael.cpp top most inclusion should be #include"stdafx.h" and u don't want precompiled header use comment of  krbatge above.
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