i recently bought aol : gold and it is up and working on my xp comp

but im trying to get the other xp comp to get through my comp to access the net

how do i do this?

thnks in advance
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It seems that you want to run AOL from two different machines.  If you have a broadband connection, first get a router connect both computers to the ports on the router and connect your incoming broadband to the router's WAN port.   So, if you have a cable internet service (or DSL), you go from the wall to the cable modem, from cable modem to the router's WAN port, then run a cable wire from the network cards of each computer to the router's ports.  Then run the AOL's installation software on the second computer.  It will ask you questions.  State that you already have an account and are setting it up on a new computer.  Everything should work just fine.

If you have dial-up, i.e. if you call on the phone line to get to AOL, then connect each computer to the phone line separately.  If you wish to use both computers at the same time, then you will need two phone lines.  You can use a phone line switch to switch between the two lines, but that would still allow one user at a time.  There is no way of sharing a phone connection.

AOL may or may not allow you to log on to their network, under the same screen names, from two different locations at the same time.  If that happens, you can establish a new screen name for your new connection.  AOL allows you to have up to 7 screen names on one account.

Instead of a router, you may use a switch which is a little bit less expensive.  Most routers, however, also have a buil-in fire wall and  I recommend getting one of those.

Good luck.
005Author Commented:
i have a soho switch 8
10m/100m n-way switch wud that work?

i have aol gold broadband
What type of hardware is that broadband connection? Is is an adsl modem? With what type of connection to the PC? USB, LAN?
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Soho 8 is made by SMC.  It should work.  Of course, you should install network cards in both computers, then establish a local network connection.  To install network cards, run their setup programs.  They should come with the cards.  To establish the connection, run IE, then select Tools | Internet Options | Connections and click the setup button.

Also let us know what kind of broadband connection do you have cable or DSL, and who is the provider.  Do you already have the computers connected to SOHO 8?
005Author Commented:
Sorry, we don't know what aol broadband gold is. Just tell us how it is connected to the PC, via USB or via a Network connection?
From each computer do the following:  (1) Click Start, then Run, type "cmd" (without quotation marks) and click OK.  Then type ipconfig and press return.  Post the resulting information here.  May be that would tell us what is going on.
005Author Commented:
right now it doesnt matter i managed to fix it i had to buy a speed touch 510 router , but now i want to no how if i can set a website up throught it , at the mom the router has got a ip site as follows       <-----       is there a way to change wat shows up when you go on the site , at the mom i got a password on there so you wont be able to see the site but , all i really need to no is where it stores the files .

if i right click then properties it comes up as    where are these files stored?????

thanks 005
005Author Commented:
I am glad you got it working.  There must have been a problem with SOHO.  Otherwise it should have worked.

On the subject of setting up a web site at your computer:  To run a web site you need a static IP (i.e. an IP that does not change).    Otherwise your visitors would not be able to find you.  When you subscribe thru an ISP often you get a dynamic IP address and the provider will change it from time to time.  This is the case with most DSL and cable providers, unless you purchase a static address.  The other alternative is to use a service such as that provided by  Just visit their site and you will get the information.  This will let you host a site at your computer.  Now setting up the web site is a whole different story.  You may also wish to consider the down side of hosting a site at your computer, especially in light of inexpensive hosting services that are commercially available.

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005Author Commented:
well i got a static ip all i need to no is where the files r stored so i can edit them
You usually edit them using a program like Frontpage etc., and then you just enter the location like the link above. Otherwise it depends on what type of webserver you are using. If it is a webserver like M$'s IIS, then they are somewhere in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot directory if you installed everything default.
005Author Commented:
thnks   ecc204
 that prograqm done wat i wanted thnks for everyones help
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