VSFTPD - Error 503 when transferring files.


Ive got vsftpd running on my FC4 server, it runs okay and I can login with my user, but when I transfer a file I get a 503 Cannot create file error.

I have write_enabled set to YES in the config files.

 - Pepper
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Make sure that user also has write access to the folder he is trying to copy to.

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Peppery2Author Commented:
How do I do that?
ls -ld /path/to/dir
will show You
drwxr-xr-x  60 ouser ogroup 3976 Jul  3 17:50 /path/to/dir

owner can read/write/search the dir (.rwx......)
group can read/search the dir (....r-x...)
others (all) can read/search the dir (.......r-x)
the owner of the dir is ouser
the dir belongs to group ogroup

Now, what You propably want to do, is change the owner of the dir to the user You are logging in via ftp.
chown -R ouser /path/to/dir
(where -R means recursively)
That's exactly what I was gonna suggest when I first looked at it.
The other thing is VSFTPD let you create groups of people who can read, write, or execute. Looking at conf file for that might help too. Also check your vsftpd log in /var/log to see if you can find errors that will help you debug it. I had to set it up once and it's such a pain to do it.
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