Webserver config on Netgear DG834

I have an axis 2130 IP cam running on my network. Assigned ip of Access to it lan side is fine, but I want to run a webserver & access it from the internet. Port forwarding on the dg834 I thought was straightforward.....nah. tcp 80 in & out in firewall rules, lan server being th ip of the computer running the server. No software firewall to mess it up, running xp pro sp2 with native firewall disabled.

Additional points available for the heads up on the best adsl router from a config perspective as the options on the dg834 don't impress

 All I get when I enter my static ip address wan side is the login page for my router. Tried dyndns.org but cant connect. Confused & stressed....help appreciated.
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yeah, that will always happen.

you personally will only be able to access the webserver via LAN IP..
unfortunatly you will have to get a friend on the outside of you network to test your stuff.

hope this helps

dlonganDirector of ITCommented:

If you don't have a static WAN IP address from you ISP your going to have issues.  If your IP is dynamically assigned then your IP changes frequently.  You can get a static IP from your ISP (additional monthly cost)

When you setup the port forwarding did you have forward port 80 to the lan ip address of your webserver?
You will also have to use your WAN IP address when you are trying to connect to your webserver on the outside world.  Unless you setup a domain name and DNS records to point to your WAN IP.

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Your firewall rule needs to not specify an outgoing port as this will never be 80 but will be some random port number.

If you get the management page from the WAN side then either you haven't actually set-up port forwarding (may be called virtual server), or you may need to move the management port on the router from 80 to say 8080

As dr_binks says most SOHO routers don't allow loopback (using the WAN IP address from your own network).
I had the same problem and fixed it by installing the MS-LoopBack-Device and assigning it my momentary dynamic IP.
For testing purposes a not too stressy and functional workaround.
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