Linksys PCMCIA wireless connection woes...

Basically what happens is that any Linksys PCMCIA card I have used drops connectivity on a regular basis. It's up, then it's down, it's up then it's down. I had this problem with the WPC11 and a wireless B router. I When I moved tot he Wireless G linksys router, same damn thing with any Linksys notebook card.

I thought it was me for the longest time and I would eventually figure it out. But I am at a loss. Other notebook adapter cards work just fine, and some internal wifi NICs are just fine to. The problem is solely with Linksys cards. (Yes... one might ask, then why keep getting Linksys? Because I paid for the damn thing and it has to work.) I will try to give all the detail I can for some more input from anyone who has had this problem and fixed it.

When I first got my Linksys G Wifi Router, my primary notebook with a built in Wifi card card works flawlessly. As long as the Access Point / Router is up, it stays connected. So happy happy joy joy there.

The Linksys card:

1. For the sake of doing it, I did have the card replaced but I didn't believe it to be the issue.  May as well as long I have the warranty.

2. I have been through, driver, power management setting, changing the XP wireless zero junk, changing channels, frequency settings....

3. With XP I thought I could get by without using the annoying Linksys software, but it seems to help the problem but no remedy it completely.

4. Is there something inherently goofy with Linksys PCMCIA cards? I don't believe it to be me, I have gone as far as to make sure all the settings on cards that work fine are the same as the Linksys.  (Or to say match the setting as best I could with available option so the Linksys setting matched...)

This was a problem with 4 Linksys cards new and 2 separate routers.

If it's is just something dumb I am missing please help. I will take my lumps. I just find it very aggravating that these are the only cards that do this with a Linksys router.

All Firmware and driver are up to date.

Anyone else with this issue? Any suggestions? I just want the damn things to stay connected.

Thank in advance for any help/
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How did you install the cards? Often I've seen similar problems, the card was first connected to the PC and then the software installed. If the software was installed first, then the PC rebooted, and then the card connected, things usually worked...

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