Can Outlook be set up to use a particular signature the first time you email a contact but not subsequently?

During a Friday afternoon meeting at work, someone had the bright idea of setting up an Outlook signature to include the photograph of the sender. We thought it might make us more friendly. However, even if only a small photograph is used, it would not take long to clog up the server if the photograph was attached to every email sent.

I know you can choose to insert a different signature into email messages. However, this would be too difficult for most of the people in our office! What I was wondering was whether it is possible to set up Outlook so that the first time you email an address, the signature with the photograph is used, but after that a plain signature is used. I know Outlook can manage to send only one Out of Office messages to each address, so I wan wondering whether it could remember whether ordinary emails have been sent to an address before.

We are running Microsoft Office 2003 with Microsoft Exchange Server on Windows XP Professional.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Not sure how to do what you ask, but what you could do is have a "Rogues Gallery" on your website and provide a link in each person's signature to their photo there.  This will provide more visits to your site as well as a (hopefully!) friendly face.

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zajoncAuthor Commented:
Ha ha ha! You think we've got a website! :-)

That's a good idea, though, Sean. And one day we *will* have a website. I'm just not quite sure whether it will be before I retire. (I'm 38).
David LeeCommented:
Hi zajonc,

I don't know of any automated means of doing this that's practical.  Outlook doesn't have a built-in method for doing this, so you'd have to invent something.  SeanConnolly's suggestion is better than anything I can think of.  You don't need a full fledged web site to make the pictures available on line.  You just need some web space somewhere.

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