Bypassing User Account Properties Logon Scripts

Hi guys,
Hope you can help.
We are starting to get a pretty complicated Citrix Setup here at my work, and Im finding Im having to edit existing user logon scripts so that when they log on to Citrix Servers, some of the things such as mapping their network drives in their user logon scripts dont run only when they log on to Citrix Servers.

Is there any way by group policy to:

When users logon to certain machines only, dont run the user's logon script as defined in their user account properties in Active Directory, but do run them for all other machines?

This would definitely save a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.

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If all of your machines are running XP or Server 2003, you could use a logon script from a group policy and do this with a WMI filter.

WMI filtering using GPMC

Create, import, export, copy, and paste WMI filters

Link a WMI filter to a Group Policy object

But it's probably easier to just check in the logon script for the computer name. If the user logs on to a terminal session, the computer name will be the name of the citrix server.
So if your logon script is in batch, this could look like that (you could obviously share parts of the logon script as well):

@echo off
if /i "%Computername%"=="YourCitrixServer" goto TSLogon

:: *** User is logging on to a workstation; regular logon script:
:: ...
goto :leave

:: *** User is logging on to a terminal server; special logon script:
:: ...
Simon336697Author Commented:
Hi oBdA!

Once again youre a legend.


If I have Citrix Servers with a naming convention of:

and so on,

Is it possible in your statement:

if /i "%Computername%"=="YourCitrixServer" goto TSLogon

to have a wildcard for certain characters


so you dont need to keep adding new lines for each new computer name?

Thank you so much for your help.

Yes, that's possible:
if /i "%Computername:~0,8%"=="TERMSERV" goto TSLogon
The %Variable:~x,y% syntax will expand to y characters, starting at position x in the variable (the first character is at position 0).
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Simon336697Author Commented:
Thanks oBdA,

So does this mean:

if /i "%Computername:~0,8%"=="TERMSERV"

will include:

down to

Sorry to be a pain here. Just a bit unsure of the variable.

If we had more than 9 TERMSERV


How would you include everything from TERMSERV01.............TERMSERVxx where xx could be 25 for example.

Youve been really helpful already, so I dont expect a response. Thanks so much oBdA!

That will cover everything that has "TERMSERV" as the first 8 characters (including TERMSERVONE, TERMSERVXYZ or TERMSERV9999).

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Simon336697Author Commented:
Thanks again oBdA!

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