Looking to download Adobe Imagestyler

I use to own Adobe Image Styler till my computer crashed. Adobe no longer sells it and it is the only program I know how to use for graphics. Does anyone here know where I can download it. I found some sites but the file I download is not read by my computer. Below are the sites I found the downloads. If maybe some can tell me how to work with the file or a new site I can download a working version.


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These are Stuffit archives. You need to have Stuffit installed on your computer to extract them. Also, these are Macintosh files, so if you are using Windows, you won't be able to use these versions.

As far as I know, there is no free download available for the Windows version of ImageStyler, but it's possible there's one out there somewhere. You might try searching for a version in a different language. Sometimes companies have separate policies for their overseas branches.

Aside from that, your best bet would probably be set up a watch for it on Ebay.

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FWIW, you are going to do yourself a favor by learning to use Adobe Photoshop Elements. Elements gets you 80% of the awesome power of Photoshop for $80.

Highly recommended.
PhotoShop Elements is a great alternative to PhotoShop for the budget conscious, but it's really not a good substitute for ImageStyler, which is more of a "toybox" type program, where you assemble and rearrange graphic building blocks.  Emphasis is on pre-built primitives, and applying various specialized effects to them. It includes a variety of simple shapes and objects, (like simple clip-art.)

It's great for quickly and easily developing nifty icons, buttons, logos, etc, and for applying interesting "3D" effects. Also, it uses vector-based graphics for the primitives, so it's easy to go back and tweak pieces of an image.

Probably a better equivalent to ImageStyler would be something like MacroMedia Fireworks. A free trial version is available.
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