Hardware RAID 1 Degraded

I recently added a Buslink SATA PCI card to our server (in anticipation of delivery of two SATA external HDD).  The card has two external SATA plugs and two internal SATA plugs (you can only use two at a time).  Without reading the instructions, I thought it necessary to connect the two internal plugs to two vacant plugs on the mobo (Intel S875WP1 LX).  

When I attempted to boot the system the RAID array came up as degraded and the machine would not load Windows2000 Server.

After I uninstalled the PCI card, Windows would boot.  When I run the Adaptec SATA HostRAID Controller software it shows HDD 0 to be degraded.

Have I fried my HDD?  Are there options in the Adaptec software than can help me?

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dlonganDirector of ITCommented:
I doubt you did any damage to the hard drive, does the controller see the drive?
If so, you most likely just corrupted the raid set, with that said, In the controller software (adaptec) you should be able to do a "rebuild" of the raid set.

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rmoritzAuthor Commented:
The controller does see the drive.

There is an option to rebuild.  Will I lose data if I do?
dlonganDirector of ITCommented:
You shouldn't but I would make a backup before hand to be sure.
rmoritzAuthor Commented:
Thanks dlongan!

Rebuild worked fine and no data loss.
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