Actionscript functions passing parameters as ref or global variable

I want to pass some parameters into a function, modify them, and have the values pused back to the caller.  is this possible?


function changeVars(x:Number, y:Number)
  x = x + y;
  return x*y;

//some code

var mainx:Number = 3;
var mainy:Number = 2;
var mainz:Number = changeVars(mainx,mainy);

the values should now be:

mainx:  5
mainy:  2
mainz: 10

Keep in mind this is just a simplistic example.  I could also get away with using a global variable, but I couldn't seem to get it to work.
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The example given works in the latest version, so are you getting an error of some kind?
Sorry I misread the question.
bowser17Author Commented:
Ok, I answered the second part:

_global.<variablename> = 123;

but i am still interested in if you can pass a var by ref as the question reads, so the points are still up for grabs.

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I far as I know objects are passed by reference ...

function changeVars(tmp:Object)
 return tmp.x*tmp.y;

var main:Object = new Object;
main.x = 3;
main.y = 2;
main.z = changeVars(main);

trace(main.x+" "+main.y+" "+main.z);

have fun ! ;)

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AFAIK, you cannot pass scalar variables by reference in Flash. But perhaps you are better off containing x and y in a "point" class and having changeVars as a member function.
bowser17Author Commented:
Hi-  I haven't been able to spend any time to check out the posts from 7/2... assuming that the info provided is correct, i will accept lupuleine's answer...  If only the day had 48 hours...
bowser17Author Commented:
I decided since I haven't even touched this project for 6 mo, i would split points.  Try to start the new year with a clean slate, know what i mean?  Thanks for the comments.  One day when I get back into this, i will be glad to have a reference.
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