Tables and Form questions

I'm new to HTML coding and need a few questions answered.

1.  I coded an HTML page to display a table with a lot of rows.  There's quite a pause between the time of displaying the other controls on the page and the large table.  Is there any way of speeding up the table display?

2.  Is it best to split the different sections of a page with many tables or use one large table?

3.  On the page I created, I have checkboxes, radio buttons and buttons.  Do I need to use the FORM tag?  My application is standalone.  It is not web-based.

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Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Hi halfondj,
    2. Yes -- it would be better
    3. No -- you don't have to use Form

halfondjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

>> you don't have to use Form
Why not?
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Form is generally used when you have to Submit the data to the server. But you told you aren't using web features. So you need not use that.
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halfondjAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Any ideas about #1?
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
You can preload the whole page and display them after that. It appears as if all are loaded at once. But if you are a beginner, don't worry about that.
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
.. Also that needs the knowledge of scripting like JavaScript or vbScript
halfondjAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I would still like to know.

>> Also that needs the knowledge of scripting like JavaScript or vbScript
I know a JavaScript and VBScript.

Can you explain the implementation?

1. You can use a fixed table layout. This will cause browsers to display the data as they get it and not calculate cell widths based on all the data in the table. This might speed things up.

2. Depends on the data. If, structurally it is one set of related data then it should be one table. Many sets of data which are not related to each other should be many tables.

3. No need for a form then.

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Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
First collect all the data into a variable.
For example..

<script language=javascript>
   var s;
   s = "<table>whatever you need here</table>"
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Very good JavaScript tutorial here:
halfondjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the replies.  I really appreciate it.
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