IIS Web server with DUAL NICS

Hey everyone... I have a web server with dual nic's. I was wondering if there was any way to specify which nic the service runs on... or if i can have it do both.

Please help.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
IIS listens on port 80 of all IP addresses.  You can use host header files and configure the web site to listen on a specific IP/web address.
every1isevilAuthor Commented:
well... for some reason... one of the nic's won't display the web site..... One nic has an internal ip (which works) and the other has an external ip provided by my ISP(doesn't work)... I try to open up the site with the ip of the nic that has an external ip and nothing comes up... but when i open up the site with the ip of the router which goes to the internal nic of the server... the site works fine.
Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
IIS will bind to all available pool of addresses on port 80 by default. You can explicitly configure each NIC with their own IP's then bound IIS to that NIC or both in your case. Seems to me like a resolution problem, because you are saying you can open it up with router's IP adress.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Who's your ISP?  Is this residential or business CLASS service?  Sometimes, the ISPs, even for business class, block port 80, the default web port
every1isevilAuthor Commented:
a resolution problem??
every1isevilAuthor Commented:
i know port 80 is not blocked because i also use a streaming media server which also uses port 80.  My provider is COMCAST.
>> I try to open up the site with the ip of the nic that has an external ip and nothing comes up...
>> but when i open up the site with the ip of the router which goes to the internal nic of the server... the site works fine.

I don't get it - there is a router? there is also an interface on the server with an external ip address?  does the 'external nic' connect directly to the router, or is there also a switch and/or other hosts on that segment?

every1isevilAuthor Commented:
here is my setup.....

                              VLAN 1                                   VLAN 2
Cable modem ---> Switch--->Router---------------->Switch --->Server Nic 2
                                           Server Nic 1                               PC Nic 2
                                           PC Nic 1                                     Other pc's and access points

This way i can get several external ip's on my network.
OK, i thought it may have been something like that,

so where are you attemtping to connect from?  It is a pc on the LAN, or a remote pc via the internet?

Whichever it is, can you trace or ping to the external interface ok?

(from a cmd shell, "tracert ip.add.re.ss")

Yet still another clarification....

>> but when i open up the site with the ip of the router which goes to the internal nic of the server

the router has an ip address, is it on the same IP subnet as the 'nic1' interface?  does the router have  NAT rule to redirect inbound through to the internal i suspect?

can you give us the address and netmasks of the router address and nic1 address?  (replace the first three digits with a.b.c for anonymity - if they are both the same)


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every1isevilAuthor Commented:
Well I found out what the problem was... For some reason.. the external ip did not have a default gateway for some reason.  so everything works now... Thanks everyone.

it does not make a great deal of sense to have multiple default gateways.  default gateway is an ip routing concept that means "if i can't find any other rule that tells me where to send the packet, then forward it to the default gateway"

unless you have multiple networks via the LAN, then i would suggest that you remove default gateway from the internal nic config.

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