2003 Eval system on existing home network


I'm working on 2003 Server Eval edition at home.  I currently have four computers receiving inet connectivity through my linky.  My question is, how do I setup 2k3 server to get inet access, w/o disturbing my current home system.  I want to learn DNS, DHCP, and AD.  As I understand it, 2K3 would not like being on my network since the linky is handing out dhcp to the other computers.  At the moment I have not installed DNS, DHCP, or AD on 2k3 server.

Suggestions on how to set this up properly would be apprecieated
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can install DNS, DHCP and AD without concern.  Unless you explicitly tell the clients to use DNS and join the domain, they won't use DNS and AD on the server.  DHCP won't do anything until you authorize it and define a scope, so that too can be installed without concern.

GENERALLY, DHCP should only run from one device on the network.  You CAN run it from more than one, just make sure the scopes don't overlap.  The router probably uses a scope of 100-200 (assuming you are using a linksys - never heard of "linky".  So if you setup your scope to be, say 40-80 on the server, you'll be fine.  Then understand, the clients will get IP Address info from EITHER server, basically, whichever answers first.  If and when you take the server down, the router will be able to give the client a new address the next time it renews, so in theory, there's no concern over losing internet access from the clients.

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Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Well the possibly the best way is to run VMware Workstation or Microsoft Virtual PC. They will emulate the hardware and will bind logical virtual machines to your actual hardware. That way you can run it without disturbing your other 3 PCs, since the virtual machine is in separate environment completely. But you can use a DHCP with a different scope to avoid conflicts. Also you can point to yourself as a DNS provider to test it out. (That is if you dont want to run a virtual machine environment)
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