One connection and I want to hack my own firewall

I want to check out my own security and I am a home linux user.  

is there somewhere I can get an account or how can I check the inbound firewall

I would prefer not to spend much or any money
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You would want do a port scan from the other side of your firewall. nmap is a popular program for this:

You can also Google for "linux port scan" to find others.
bitmechanicAuthor Commented:
How can I scan from the outside if I am on the inside ?  

I need to telnet into something and hack back.

bitmechanicAuthor Commented:

I clearly did not explain this very well.  I was distracted at the time.

My home system has one IP and I am behind the firewall.  I need to test the firewall from the "front side" because that is how others are going to test it.  

You can start up right here:

This will show your open ports.

Next step is to think about needed services. I would keep just sshd open.

But maybe you have your own webserver, p2p software,  mail server...


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bitmechanicAuthor Commented:
You can not do better than that to answer this questions.  This is just the greatest.  

I just have a few things to shut down.
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