P5GD2 premium SATA RAID0 blue screen

my new build setup is
Asus P5GD2
SATA2 Hitachi 250gig HDD (pair)
WinXP pro with SP2 slipstreamed
etc etc

Im trying to set up the intel raid0 using two identical HDD and a single DVD ROM. The rom drive is on the blue IDE cable as per the asus handbook and seems to work ok Ive created an f6 floppy from the asus CD for the raid driver.
Ive set the BIOS to raid mode and ctrl i gives me the intel raid setup and i see the two sata hitachi drives fine, they configure into a 500 gig raid0 and all is well. The XP installation begines and i hit f6, all fine, loads the intel raid driver and starts the winXP install.
about 5 mins in the blue screen of death and nothing !!
Ive tried the drives off the raid and theyre fine.
Thanks in anticipation.
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Try getting raid driver updates from the Intel site, if Asus doesn't have anything newer.

Also, this is just a tip, if I were you I wouldn't install the OS on raid 0, neither would I use it for Data. Raid 0 doesn't give you any data safety, on the contrary. If a disk breaks, or if the array is temporarily disconnected, you will end up reinstalling the OS and restoring your data. Raid 0 is only suitable for temporary data which needs fast access.
kevfullerAuthor Commented:
thx, but ide already upgraded to the latest bios and drivers as a matter of course on a new build.
The problem was that Hitachi supply their new SATA2 HDD defaulted to SATA1 mode. Although the P5WD2 is SATA2 & backward compatible to SATA1 it will not set up a raid0 unless this particular drive is already in SATA2 mode !!
The solution is simple, go to the Hitachi www and on the download page you grab a file to create a bootable FDD or CDROM. Run the disk BEFORE any installations and change the HDD from SATA1 to SATA2 mode.
!!!! WARNING !!!!!   If you M/B doesnt support SATA2 you may cause permanent damage to your nice new drives !

Regards the RAID0, thx for the advice, at present im just playing with RAID and having had previous nightmares with faulty new M/B and HDD i just wanted to see it working fast !  Now it works i will buy another 2 Hitachi drives and configure RAID0+1
Nice to know, thanks. Raid 0+1, as opposed to raid 0, is good, or if the board has raid 5 capability, that would also be good as you don't loose as much disk space but still have good data safety and fast reads (not writes, though).
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