Hey Guys,

I have been asked to produce some sort of interactive map of our school layout, I have the school layout in several formats bmp,tiff,dxf, visio and jpeg.

What I would like to do is when a user move the mose over a certain class room it changes it color and identifys the class room and subject but it must also change the color of any other class rooms that are in that subject.

Also when the moise is clicks on the classroom it opens a new window that contains information about that class room ie equpiment,teacher etc.

I was told this could be done in FLASH or Fireworks does anyone have any basic instructions for me to do this I am a hardware man not web designer but schools being schools they think i can do it all any help please


I can provide the floor plan if anyone wants it so that they can do an example but if some give dlear instructions i will be all right.
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Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Hi rama1712,
    You can use the Macromedia Flash Help itself to learn the things...
    It has a very good tutorial which teaches you the basics.

From a PAQ: (A great starting place for beginners) (Very good site, lots of open source files, plus loads of tutorials aimed at all levels) (Good site, nice source code, plus some good tuts)

If you want an entire training course on Flash, then you can check out for one.


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I would suggest that you create a separate movie clip for each of the subject areas. For example, all the rooms that are for French classes would be part of one movie clip, all the rooms that are for Math classes would be another, etc. These movie clips would all sit on top of each other so that your full floor plan would display as it did before.

Then you could create new color objects that you could assign to each movie clip. The actual color of each color object would change on a mouseover.

To use a Color object, you must first create it using the Color object constructor. The syntax for creating a new Color object is:

mathColor = new Color(mathClasses);

This line of ActionScript creates a new instance of the Color object named mathColor and associates it with a movie clip instance named “mathClasses”.

To change the color of the movie clip instance specified as the parameter when the Color object was created (mathClasses), the setRGB() method is used.

mathColor = new Color(mathClasses);

The second line of ActionScript uses the setRGB() method to change the color of the “car” movie clip instance to red. This method accepts a parameter (0x) followed by the hexadecimal value for a color. The 0x parameter is a reserved character that tells Flash that what follows is a hexadecimal number.

Be careful when creating your movie clips of different rooms on the floor plan. You want to make sure that the movie clips don't overlap each other, so a mouseover for one movie clip won't affect a different one that is stacked on top of it.

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