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I have been watching this problem (had it open before and we never resolved it). I've seen twice that it takes a long time to "prepare network settings." After that the Wacom tablet loads then the icons in left tray which are followed by desktop icons (some duplicates of tray). Then the "startup" icons begin to load. It loads the USB icon and the sound icon then Quicktime which I want to stop but cannot find anywhere. At that point and just before it loads Avast! AV it drops and shuts down.

I do a softboot with button before it completely shuts down, and it all comes up just fine on second go.

I'd love to find how to prevent some icons (programs) from loading in the startup systray as they run in the background loaded or not (i.e., spybot, quicktime, roboform). They simply are NOT in any startup directions that I have ever found no matter how hard I look. The only one I can find is my screen shot. ZA loads without being in startup along with Avast!. Go figure! How many places are there for startup items.

As for this shutting down just as it comes up, I still do not think it's the motherboard. It's just too clean and perfect. You can't tell anything's been used inside my "box." It's all tucked inside the desk. It gets dust and cat fur, but I keep it blown out really good. I think (and what do I know?) that this is some "instruction" the program is receiving just as the AV is trying to load. Perhaps Avast! and ZoneAlarm tangle right then? Possible? Could that cause it. I'm out of ideas. But it's not harming anything. Just takes extra time now and then to get Windows up and going.

Thanks. I'll be off by the 15th so maybe this time we can resolve this (and the other stuff about startups that I snuck in here). ;)

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The thing with windows 2000 is that there is no MSCONFIG program, but I know where you can download one. Don't worry, its safe and I use it all the time. Just use google, yahoo, or ask jeeves and search for MSCONFIG for windows 2000. Down load that and install it. It is really small. Just open that up and go to the Startup tab. There you should see your programs that are loading up at startup. Just simply uncheck the box beside the programs that you don't want to load and hit apply. After that, go to the Services tab and at the bottom, check the box beside the words "Hide all microsoft services" There you might see the programs listed again. Just uncheck them, hit apply and reboot. The programs should not load. Also, you could use the registry. Just go to Start and Run, type in regedit. There are two keys you need to view. They are HKEY_Current_User, and HKEY_Local_Machine. In each, go to software, microsoft, windows, current version, and check the run folders. If there is a program listed in those that you don't want to load at startup, then just delete the key. Hope this helps!!
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
I think this utility is useful for you in future also.

***Quote***This small GUI (Graphical User Interface) utility will check the Start Menu and the System Registry for items that load at startup.  It will also check for Disabled Startup items and changes to the default "Shell" value.  Support for listing all running Processes and Services has been added.  To use, just extract StartupTracker3.exe and the README.TXT file from the ZIP file and double click the EXE file.  You can create a log file each time its run, or choose to create the log file automatically.  The contents of the window are automatically copied to the Windows Clipboard, and you can copy and paste them manually***End Quote***.

Download from: - Windows Startup Programs Tracker: -

Please see this also: - Startup Program Loading

Let us know.

Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Any program or malware process can run itself from the following locations only: -

From folders: -

User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup;
All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup;

From Registry:  -

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, Shell;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, System;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, VmApplet;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, UIHost;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon, Userinit;
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows, run;
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows, load;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components;
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager, BootExecute;

From win.ini file located in Winnt\System32 directory
win.ini, load;
win.ini, run;

From system.ini file located in Winnt\System32 directory
system.ini, shell.
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paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
If the program is not listed under STARTUP folder, or registry Run key, and it starts at startup, then it is set as SERVICE.

Log on as administrator, open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Here, you can disable services not required.

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Lindsay37Author Commented:
I'm printing this notes out! This is a lot of what looks like great help. I'll get into the links to download whatever.

I did have MSCONFIG before I did a clean reinstall of Windows. I'll get it again. I've looked at some of the bat files, and they are zero as of a couple of weeks ago. But I'll double check! I used to just work in DOS and I really enjoyed being more in control not only of what loaded but WHEN it did to more RAM (back in the dark ages when we didn't get much RAM).

Lindsay37Author Commented:
I've done about all I can tonight for about two hours. I am trying to get Outlook gone and O.E. back in as well as the system dropping just as it starts up. So I am not getting any e-mails and don't know when there is a note here.

I just had the system come on about four or five times and immediately drop just as everything was all loaded. I managed to keep my digital camera running in Quicktime as I have never been quick enough to read the error message as it drops.

This is all I got: "The application failed to load because the window station is shutting..." and I assume "shutting down" is the last part. I had to even use a strong magnifier to see as the print was so tiny. But I hope this helps.

YOO HOO! I need HELP quick! ;) Windows still drops, and I watched more carefully. Read on ......

Something is trying to load and can't every time, but usually it does it 40-50% of all starts. Tonight it dropped 4-5 times before staying up. I've felt that all along something is loading and plunk! it can't and down she goes, but what is it? I followed with the camera and the icons on the left below all loaded first. Then the desktop icons loaded. The wallpaper came on, turned off, came back on (normal). It loaded the USB unit, the sound, and about that time (I see Avast! is the next in line) it plays its swan song and drops. I catch it with a softboot to keep from doing a hard one.

Maybe I should go back to my great setup I ran ERUNT and saved. I'll lose some stuff, but I might be in better shape. It'd be getting in before I tried to use Outlook and screwed up Outlook Express! I'll have to get the three or four new updates to Windows, but that's okay. I'll do it tomorrow. I'm asleep at the stick here.

If anyone sees anything that makes sense, especially in that error message just after the message about loading my settings and getting just about all the programs loaded (icons, etc.). That's the very first time I caught it, and the camera saved my can. I did it three times, and the last time I could see what it said in part.

Remmeber, the only e-mail I can get to if the ERUNT (sp?) doesn't work will be my I will check back too as time is running out on me. I have a lot of other things to do. IF I can't get it fixed by the 15th I'll either stop for a month or stay on another month. Guess the latter is what I'd have to do as I need this thing running okay! Remember, this machine is clean as a whistle inside, and nothing is burned out or bulging. It looks brand new. It gleems it's so clean.

Thanks again. (Off to see what works and if I have to open up another question regards to O.E.

Lindsay (scuse typos. I'm half asleep here)
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Does the PC boot in safe mode correctly ?

If it does, check what services are set to automatic. Disable any service you feel is not ABSOLUTELY necessary for running the PC (including AVAST and ZA). (see my post above).

Also check the event manager to see what errors/warnings are reported.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Gotcha! And yes, it run perfectly WHEN it comes up to stay a while! I checked things out in Safe Mode last night (stayed up way too late like an idiot!). I'm OC and I should not do that crazy stuff. Something's broke, I try to fix do or die. I do like more than 2-3 hours of sleep at night!

Since I have some updating from Windows to do I'll go for it and get back in in Safe Mode and get rid of AVAST! I'm not inclined to think it's ZA and I do have to protect the computer (but not like I used to since the "unbinding" of MyNetwork connections....a way cool idea, BTW! Avast's the one it is ready to load and has had me suspicious.. You know, I have read here or there that ZA and other AVs don't like each other too much. Think that could be a problem?

I also need to get back into the Register and redo some changes I made only these will be just for Quicktime and perhaps Spybot. Spybot runs whether I exit it from the tray or not because I have it on scheduler. Spybot is the only program now finding anything anymore since I did that nifty thingee with the Network, and that's just for cookies I might have just picked up on the Internet. To go three months without one virus or trojan is so appreciated. I was getting lots per week! Wonder why MS doesn't have it in the instructions for Windows. They sure do know about the "unbinding." Weird. And not too nice as it does not affect networking or anything else. I don't even know why machines come with those ports open actually.


P.S. I will check Event Manager, but it's usually loaded with errors and warnings but about maybe just one or two things repeatedly. Thanks for the reminder.

Lindsay37Author Commented:
Wow! I got lost. Paid for it too in bucks two extra months, but there was a reason! I always thought I could get here and work on problems. NOT.

Anyway, I figured out by accident the cause of Windows shutting down as soon as it came up. I HAD to as it got so that it did it every time and I could not use it. I got into safe mode. Before I lost it altogether I tried to catch what the error messages were. I even set up my camera to capture QuickTime movies. I got it, but I never had to use that. I found out by accident that if I hit the "Start" key just as Windows came up sometimes it would hold and not drop. At times I would just tap it. Then the very last time I just simply held it down. Aha! I could read the message. It had to do with the "UPS" having problems and needing to shut Windows down. I scratched my head and tried to figure out what UPS was! Duh!!! I have a very large APC UPS unit that gives me quite a few minutes in which to exit without losing data. Somehow this thing must have "burned" out (I must look at the specs for it as I remember "lifetime warranty" or whatever).

I reformatted and reinstalled everything. I immediately went into Registry and hunted for anything UPS. IF there were instructions about shutting down or something to do with restart I simply put a colon before the phrase. I rebooted, and that was it. Whew! Works like a charm now and is quick!

I only write this because none of us thought of this quirky problem. I only remember being convinced it was some sort of "message" the computer was being sent and not the "mobo" burning out. I was right. So remember this just in case someone else uses those large UPS devices. I still have mine on. I am positive it bleeped the other day during a storm, but I think I'm just using a glorified surge thing. I will now get in touch with APC and see what I can do to protect the monitor and computer. Everything else I have is on one of their very nice surge protectors which also will beep at times.

The other information above is great. I shall look into the "start" issues.

I SO appreciate the effort put into this! There were great answers and stuff that didn't relate to the turning off of the computer. I'll see how I can split up the points. I deserve a bunch myself. LOL!! Alas, I'm not one of you all.

I have to look at a couple of other issues and cancel membership by the 15th so I'm on the run. Been typing a dissertation and helping in some research for biblio. Takes LOTS of time.

Thanks to all.
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Thanks, Lindsay. You deserve full 500 points :)
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Nah! But that's so nice. It's neat when I can put a few braincells together or "listen to my gut" (with a computer no less!) and find my way out of a problem. :) Thanks again.
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