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pc1, default gateway:
   router 1 --------router 2 ---------pc2, default gateway:
Dsl router

Question: How do I setup my pc1 to access pc2? Router1 and router2 has DHCP enabled.

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You need to put a route on router 1:
route ( to (router 2)
You also need to put a route on router 2:
route ( to (router 1).

If this is not clear you may need to provide more information.


router 1 - router 2 are connected via a network.  These addresses need to be given.
router 1 & router 2 are what type of routers?  This way I can give you the exact config...
e.g. cisco v12.1
ip route
wow, 4 network devices for two computers...mmmm...
well, to me it looks like pc1 is getting his ip-adress from the dsl-router, pc2 looks like getting it because you have internet connection sharing.
try to get it all in sorted out. or provide more info.
roberttranAuthor Commented:
Hi Joesmail,

These 2 router are those $50 routers. One of them is the DI-514 from D-Link, which I couldn't find and static routing feature, i may missed looking at it. Will try playing it some more.

The other is not a wireless router, just a basic DSL router, which comes with static routing feature.

Question, when you said "route .... to (router 2)", is "(router2)" means that the default gateway IP address for the PCs on the router2 network?

Thanks much,
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Looks like you want the networks seperated for security !?! If so then providing a route between the networks sort of defeats the object ?

What exactly are you trying to achieve with the existing arrangement, and for your planned route between the networks.


play games (port forwarding or virtual server would work)

share files (VPN would allow the secure sharing of files, and in most cases play games)

I assume you have two seperate networks from the information above.  I will seperate these into two diagrams below:

pc1                                                                       pc2, default gateway:    , default gateway:
      |                                                                       |
      |                                                                       |
   switch                                                        Wireless access point (ROUTER 2)
      |                                                                xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(assume gets a 10.1.2.?)
      |                                                                       |
                                   DSL ROUTER 1
                               xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(address supplied by ISP)

The wireless access point can be configured to recieve a dhcp address from the dsl router and if used as a point to point device can respond to requests from your wireless clients to recieve a dhcp address supplied from the dhcp.

This would provide you with 1 class C address for your clients and give them all internet access.
roberttranAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for all the good questions and help.

How about without adding any device. Is there any other solutions?
Assumming there is no static route feature on the DI-514.

BTW, long story for why i am arranged my equipment like this. One thing is i can allow a specific MAC address to access router1 to router2 (not enable at the moment). Second thing is about the VPN software that i am using for work and pls don't ask :-))). Third, just want to play/learn from the network experts.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try some of these ideas http://www.tech24.arce.co.uk/rougen.htm if you like playing.
What exactly are you trying to do? Why there is a Router in between ?
Are you able to set both PCs to the same subnet with static IPs, ie: 192.168.1.x or 10.1.2.x ? and disable DHCP.
Hi Robert,

Can you confirm that the wireless DI-514 is getting a dhcp address from your DSL router?

If you don't want to route between networks alternatively you can add static routes to your pc's.

e.g. from pc 2 route add mask 1

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Why dont you just change your local LAN address.  Regardless of how these device both connect you pc 1 will communicate with pc 2


Change it to the network address.
hi, There

you could try the following. On each PC add a static route on a command line prompt.
PC 1
Route add subnet mask accordingly to what you have on your PC 2, insert the gateway of router 1.

PC 2 do the other way around
route add Subnet mask of this network, default gateway:

If you have more issues try this in the command line interface "Dos Prompt" TYPE route
After the setup try to see if you can ping each workstation from its respectivly place.
Best Regards

you can also try this if it is Windows XP

Under the network connection "Make new connections" Choose the VPN Connect to the network at my workplace.
This will make it VPN. Choose the VPN next dialog window choose not to dial a connection. Insert the IP address.

Choose the username and password.

Does any of the solutions work......?
roberttranAuthor Commented:
Joesmail, you got the the best answers for me and great suggestions.
Thanks budy. Good work.....change the IP on pc2 works for me.
Have a great 4th/7!!
Glad to help budy!
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