Recorder for web page actions

SHORT VERSION:  Is there some decent off-the-shelf software that is smart enough to record a user's web actions (button clicks, listbox selections, etc....) to repeat them again?

LONG VERSION:  I have several bank accounts and I'm trying to get the data downloaded automatically every day.  Unfortunately, they require manual web browsing to get to their site - and I don't have time to remember to download all this crap every day.
   I can write a VB application to automatically record my web-browing actions and (I would assume) I could have it repeat those actions on a schedule.
  But before I go down that road.....  surely some company has already written a "Web-Action Recorder".

(NOTE:  The answer "Use Quicken...." or "Use Microsoft Money..." will not be accepted.)

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Nathan RomanoSystems ConsultantCommented:
ok, but this one is going to cost you, it is not cheap
Novel has developed a program for webservices called extend.
you will need money and someone to program it for you or learn how to program it yourself.
it is doable, and it is AMAZING, you have no idea of all the things that this program can do
not only will it do all the things you do, but it can do them simultaneously on all the websites that you need.
It has security (you only need to type one password and it will activate all the instructions and remember all the passwords for each and every website).

If you have the money, you should go for it.
EasyAimAuthor Commented:
Their minimum price of $50,000 is a little out of my reach.  It would be cheaper for me to hire someone every month to drive to the bank, pick up the paper work, drive back to my house and type the information in to my computer for me.

Anyone ever used anything else?
Nathan RomanoSystems ConsultantCommented:
You could find out if there is a consulting company that already owns the application and can develop the solution for you.
I use to have a company that does exactly that in mexico.
contact novell and find a partner that can deliver this to you.

it will cost you a couple thousand dollars.

if this is still too expensive or not good enough then I am sorry, I cannot help you, and I hope someone else can.
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EasyAimAuthor Commented:
(sorry for the delay getting back to this....)

Has anyone ever used "WinBatch"?   I had a fellow programmer tell me that it might solve this problem but I'd like to hear from someone else.
I don't know about a macro program specifically for recording web activities and then playing them back but I use the following to automate all kinds of things on my computer:

It's free and easy to use so I hope it helps you!!!

EasyAimAuthor Commented:
 Rnnger2, we researched this particular tool a few weeks ago....  it's main problem for our task is that it doesn't detect web pages: it won't wait for the next web page to come up nor it there a pause between commands.
   But thanks for the effort.
Closed, 50 points refunded.

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