AIX 5.2 and Oracle 9i on a 7025-F50

We have an IBM 7025-F50 which I want to use as a recovery server. We are currently running a database app on a P630 with AIX 5.1 and oracle 9i. I've been told that the F50 will not run this version of oracle given it's a 32 and not a 64 bit machine. Is it basically possible to set up this server as a recovery server to our production one running the same version of AIX (5.1) and Oracle (9i)?
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9i is trade name, which includes few versions of product.
If you order 64-bit oracle for AIX, you cannot run it on 32-bit machine ( and later revisions of 9i do not ship for 32-bit).
Oracle disk formats differ on those platforms too ( they are not interchangable).

The solution would be getting latest 32-bit Oracle on AIX
Or buying cheapest entry-level 64-bit server
Or running two Oracle instances on 630

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kaesmAuthor Commented:
How do I go about determining the version of oracle I am running and how I can determine if there is a 32 bit version available to match what I am running on our production server?
These versions are incompatible, even when numbers are same, backups may not restore.

For 32-bit version you have to ask your sales representative or so...
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So which one ???
kaesmAuthor Commented:
Oracle 9.2 is what is running on our production server. From what I've been told, there is no 32 bit version of Oracle 9. I'm still trying to find out whether or not our ERP app will run on an earlier version or not.
Umm... are you sure you can buy different Oracle below $5,575.00 ??? ( the price of cheapest intellistation-power)

kaesmAuthor Commented:
Pretty sure - I asked a consultant we use that has access to some Oracle guru's. If there was a better way to accomplish what I want (ie different database app) I would. Someone suggested a flat file system but I'm not sure if that will work or not. Database admin is most certainly NOT my area of 'expertise' so I am depending on others on this one. It just seems to me that I have a perfectly good server just sitting there and I should be able to use it. Go figure.
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