Write a program that displays the file's name, parent, size, time of last modification

Write a program that displays the file's name, parent, size, time of last modification and write another program that determines whether the two files are located in the same folder?
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Draph_89Author Commented:
import java.io.*;

public class FileStatistics
      public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
            // create file object
            File myFile = new File("myDocument.txt");

            //display file information
            System.out.println("\nThe file \"myDocument.txt\" has the following properties:");
            System.out.println("\tFile Name: \t" + myFile.getName());
            System.out.println("\tParent Dir.: \t" + myFile.getParent());
            System.out.println("\tFile Size: \t" + myFile.length());
            System.out.println("\tLast Modified: \t" + myFile.lastModified());

//create directory objects
  File file1Dir = new File(".");
  File file2Dir = new File(".\\Test");
  // create file objects
  File file1 = new File(file1Dir, "myDoc1.txt");
  File file2 = new File(file2Dir, "myDoc2.txt");

Thanks for the help. It there a better way of writting this program. The program works but I looking for better way. Can you provide assistance.
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Draph_89Author Commented:
I am looking for a better way to make this look and work better. The code is generic and I would like to know if I can get someone to help. Thanks.
Can you provide more information on what you are trying to achieve?
You want to make it as a utility class, or more organise, or something else?

Please have a look at

and under File heading. You will find lots of good information.

>>"determines whether the two files are located in the same folder"
First, you need to check whether both of the files are exist

and if they both exists, make sure that their current paths are the same


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Draph_89Author Commented:
Thanks Dave, for the information.
Glad I could help.

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