#1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server....


I just set up 2 PHP development environments in same machine (running Windows XP Pro), but facing problem with the 2nd one:

- PHP 5.0.4 extended (zip) version (as Apache server module)
- Apache 2.0.54
- MySQL 4.1.12a
- phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 pl1

- PHP 4.3.11 extended (zip) version (as Apache server module)
- Apache 1.3.33
- MySQL 4.1.12a
- phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 pl1

My problem is, the 1st environment allows me connect to MySQL via phpMyAdmin, but the 2nd environment produced "Access Denied" error message while I was doing the same task. Produced error message is as follow:

#1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

Does anyone know what causes the problem and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
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Where are the extension directory for these two different enviroments? Did you overwrite any? Which php.ini is being used for these two enviroments? One or two different php.ini?

Additional information will help better understannding.

lenzgeAuthor Commented:
1st environment:
- PHP path (C:\PHP5)
- Extension directory (C:\PHP5\ext)
- Configuration file (C:\PHP5\php.ini)

2nd environment:
- PHP path (C:\PHP4)
- Extension directory (C:\PHP4\extensions)
- Configuration file (C:\PHP4\php.ini)

Additional info:
- Configuration files are 2 different files, as stated above.
- Different version of phpMyAdmin (2.5.7 pl1) was tried, but result is the same.
This is interesting. Can you please run phpinfo() uder two different enviroment & see what the extension folder path appears i.e. extension_dir?

I am also running 2 different enviroment but under Win 2000 Pro:
(1) Apache/2.0.39 on with PHP 4.2.2
(2) IIS 5 with PHP 5.0.3

I don't have the enviroment as you mentioned (not in a position to replicate also)...so I am guessing there is something wrong with the extension/modules.

As I understand...you didn't upgrade MySQL, right? At times, due to upgrade (for MySQL>4.1) the password changes & that needs to be reset by something like:
(at MySQL prompt)
UPDATE mysql.user SET password=OLD_PASSWORD('your_old_password') WHERE user='your_user' AND host='your_hostname';

Then, you need to flush the privileges (at MySQL prompt):
flush privileges;

This might work.

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The problem is the build in (compiled in) mysql-libs which are for php 4.3.x libmysql 3.23.x So the only way to connect to a mysql 4.1.x db is to run that db with the old authentication-schema. See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/old-client.html
lenzgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks to iamanindian, your suggestion for reset password is working. Thanks to hernst42 too.
Great! :)

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