I have installed two DVD servers in different locations one through LAN connected to broadband satlink, the server were successfuly updates by remote server(formovies titles,pictures), the other same server connected through LAN to DSL modem by local ISP could not  communicate and get the required updates.My DSL modem have a real IP, I also checked with The local ISP for port 443 and other ports and they said no blocking for those ports.My ISP required a PROXY. Is there any way to make that updates done.
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>> My ISP required a PROXY

if they insist that you use proxy for web access, then they probably *do* block direct access to port 80 and 443.

what software is doing the updates?  (ie what is this DVD server software called?)

sabassamAuthor Commented:
Kaleidescape system.

i just checked out the web site and some of the documentation, and there is no mention of proxy server settings.  I guess that you have two basic options:

1.  contact the software vendor (ie kaleidescape) and ask them how to support proxy server, or
2.  contact the ISP and ask them to unblock port 80 and 443 - or find a new isp ;-)


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sabassamAuthor Commented:
I have already contacted the software vendor, unfortunatly they they have no clue and they could not deal with the issue properly! The ISP insist that http,https ports are opened include 80,441.
I suspect that there DVD server has embeded with hard coded IP and port No of the remote server, which might be blocked by Local ISP. Iam currently waiting for the Vendor support to double check this suspectsion for me.
sabassamAuthor Commented:
Thanks meverest for your comments. The Question will be closed soon.
>> The ISP insist that http,https ports are opened include 80,441.

441?  or 443?

You can test for yourself.  You say that they require a proxy.  So do they really *require* it, or just "recommend" it?  Prove to yourself that the web ports are truly open.  Look at your browser config.  Find the proxy server section, and remove all the proxy settings - if you can still browse, then it is true - the ports are open.

If removing proxy settings prevent you from accessimg web sites, then you have demonstrated quite clearly that (for your local computer at least) those ports are *not* directly accessible - no matter what the ISP says about it.  Either the ISP is blocking, or something else on your local network is blocking.

If the ISP is worth staying a customer of, they will investigate further and find a solution for you.
>> Thanks meverest for your comments. The Question will be closed soon.

suggest accept meverest.
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