how to get your server off the open relay blacklists

OK so my server was an open relay (dont ask) as a result the server now appers on open relay blacklists and the MAPS DUL (whatever that is). Now i have closed the relay, how can i get myself off the blacklists ?

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You will need to look at the web site for each blacklist and go through their process for removal. Good luck - some of these lists are very quick to block, but not so quick to remove. I get the impression that if you have done ti before you will do it again.

However you will not get off the MAPS DUL - which is the "Dial up list". This is a list of IP addresses that are either assigned to dial up or DSL connections with dynamic IP addresses. Even if you have a static IP, if you are on a DSL connection you will probably be lumped in with that list.


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Jeff RodgersNetworks & Communications Systems ManagerCommented:
Fix the open relay problem, ( you may need to do some digging to find the problem as there can be multiple problems causing the same thing)

Test your server with several different online tests to confirm it is closed ( is one example)

As for getting off of the MAPS DUL list, you will need to obtain a permanent static IP address, and have it registered in DNS as such.  Without the permanet static IP address you will have no success in getting of the MAPS DUL list.  The DUL list is a list of Dynamically Assigned IP addresses, which includes wide ranges of IP addresses, usually those reserved for DHCP clients on a ISP's network including Shaw, Comcast, Rogers, Road Runner etc (their residential customers).  If you can prove MAPS that your IP address is static ( an example would be to complain to your ISP that your static IP address is listed,) they may be able to intervene on your behalf.

Good Luck.

Good Luck

MentalSolutionsAuthor Commented:
My IP is of course a permanent static from British Telecom. Looks like the best solution is to just apply to the ISP for a totally new IP. The open relay is now definately CLOSED - I am 100% certain I have tested it at as well as several others
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