hiding a web page of keep it minimized

i would like to ask is that
is there a way i can "hide" my web page
or keep it "minimize", i dont want the web page to show up(just want it "minimized")
The web page which i am using is a third party web page
i have liked it with my site
function doPopUp(){
doPopUpWindow = window.open("http://www.anythng/play.html","playsong","dependent=no,left=5000,top=50000,screenX=-1,screenY=-1,width=-1,height=-1");

I want to open this page minimized and it should be minimezed i dont want any one to maxmize the page
or if it is possible to hide it
i did every thing i changed the screen x,y etc. but on my pc it show minimize on the server when i uploaded it it show the the page.
is there a way
please help.
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If you are going to open a new window, it is going to appear somewhere.

You might want to include the html to play the song in the current page and not open a new window

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Singleton is correct.  The window has a  minmum rendering size and the browser, by design, will not let you HIDE what you are doing for security reasons.

Please don't ask for code to get around that security because that would require code not permited on this site.

abdallah1973Author Commented:
how can i make it run on the current page
can you help me in the codeing

i used iframe but it did not work

is there any other way
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xakemSoftware Application DeveloperCommented:
use normal frames
divide your page into 2 frames one with your own page and another with the 3rd party page with 0 height, no borders etc.

something like:
<frameset rows="100%, 0%">
    <frame name="mypage" src="mypage.html">
    <frame name="hispage" src="hispage.html" noresize frameborder="0">

have a look at here:

the iframes solution works in both IE6 and Firefox 1.0.4 using the following code...

      <br />Its invisible here:- <iframe style="visibility:hidden;" src="http://www.experts-exchange.com" id="iFrame_hidden"></iframe>
      <br />Its visible here:- <iframe style="visibility:visible;" src="http://www.experts-exchange.com" id="iFrame_hidden"></iframe>

hope this helps.
xakemSoftware Application DeveloperCommented:
i think the solution for the problem is found, the author's turn to do something or yours.
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