Click Fraud Service Functions

These click fraud services just report invalid clicks


They Actually prevent to filter the bogus clicks?? like if the bogus user clicks adwords what these services dp  ? just report?
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For the most part, they are only able to detect click fraud and not actually able to prevent it.  I don't think there is a reliable means of preventing click fraud at this point.  However, once click fraud is detected, you can respond to it and some detection services will handle the response for you as well, ie.

Typically, these services are not cheap, but for anyone who is serious about PPC and is spending significant money, it should factored in as a necessary cost of doing business, whether in terms of time spent analyzing your logs or paying someone to do so.
mcse20002000 -

>These click fraud services just report invalid clicks

Yes although some of them will negotiate with the provider on their client's behalf to have them invalidated.

>They Actually prevent to filter the bogus clicks

Not for users but they can for content providers particularly for affiliate hijacking and cookie stuffing e.g.

- duz

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mcse20002000Author Commented:
can i have the list of companies that will negotiate on my behalf such as alchemist media?

There is a range of lengths to which they will go.  Most services will simply provide you with the tools to try to seek a refund yourself.  The only other company that I can think of off-hand that will actively work on your behalf is Click Assurance (
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