Windows 2000 Server


I have just installed a windows 2000 server. I have some protection coming from a Linksys router with integrated firewall but would like to install anti virus and firewall software on the server. However, I would install Norton or something similar apart from the fees, so I am after some recommendations for the server.

Many Thanks

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For software firewall i'd recommend going for Private firewall
 Privatefirewall 4.0 is a Personal Firewall and Intrusion Detection Application that eliminates unauthorized access to your PC, at home, the office, or on the road. Privatefirewall is easy to install/use and provides reliable and high-performance protection right "out of the box". Privatefirewall's intuitive interfaces allow advanced users to easily adjust default settings to create custom configurations. Features include: Packet Filtering, Port Scanning, IP/Website Protection, Email Anomaly Detection, and Advanced Application Protection. Privatefirewall is high-performance desktop security that is affordable, feature-rich and simple to use.

The Corporate Edition of Norton Antivirus is also an excellent choice
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Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
Key Features:
    * Advanced, enterprise-wide virus protection and monitoring from a single management console
    * NEW! Enhanced protection from spyware and adware, including:
          o Real-time protection to reduce the risk of spyware reaching the system
          o Automatic removal for easy disposal of security risks
          o Side-effect repair to clean up registry entries, files, and browser settings after hard-to-find spyware infection
          o Control over spyware settings via existing Symantec™ AntiVirus Corporate Edition management interface
    * NEW! Enhanced tamper protection guards against unauthorized access and attacks, protecting users from viruses that attempt to disable security measures
    * Backed by Symantec™ Security Response, the world’s leading Internet security research and support organization
In case you are running Exchange on your server as well, be sure to exclude the Exchange files from being scanned. See:

Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Install Intrusion Detection System called Blink and SecureIIS from eEye Software. You will pretty much be set at that point
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Tim HolmanCommented:
If you want to skimp on AV software and firewalls, then get hold of a good W2K server hardening guide:

If you lock down the ports, then in effect, this is firewalling.
Less ports is also less of a footprint for viruses to attack you.
Ensure that you don't let users use the machine as a workstation (this is where a lot of the viruses get in).
Configure Windows Update to automatically update the W2K server.

If you're going to configure file/printer sharing on the server, you really do need AV, but get hold of a good fast one like Trend (Norton is slow..).

Also consider HIPS like

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CyartAuthor Commented:

The microsoft link is not working, can u post again, many thanks
Tim HolmanCommented:
Hmmm... I can't access at all today.  Wonder what's up?
Some other links here:

Try MSBA if you can - great tool.
CyartAuthor Commented:
Thanx all
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