Fixing nameserver errors

Hi I've got various DNS issues on a new server I'm setting up, I get the following from

Nameserver name validity
One or more of the NS records that your nameservers report are invalid: server2. is not a valid host name

Missing (stealth) nameservers
You have one or more missing (stealth) nameservers. The following nameserver(s) are listed (at your nameservers) as nameservers for your domain, but are not listed at the the parent nameservers (therefore, they may or may not get used, depending on whether your DNS servers return them in the authority section for other requests, per RFC2181 5.4.1). You need to make sure that these stealth nameservers are working; if they are not responding, you may have serious problems! The DNS Report will not query these servers, so you need to be very careful that they are working properly.

This is listed as an ERROR because there are some cases where nasty problems can occur (if the TTLs vary from the NS records at the root servers and the NS records point to your own domain, for example).  

Missing nameservers 2
One or more of the nameservers listed at the parent servers are not listed as NS records at your nameservers. The problem NS records are:

When I do a whois query I see the two nameservers: & against the reserved ip addresses.
Any idea on how I can tackle these errors?
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If I understand you problem correctly.

You need to contact whomever registred you domain names for you and have them update the information so that the A records for your DNS servers point to their public IP address and no a private non-routable one.

If you are running your own DNS servers, you must also make sure that the A records you have defined are pointing to the public IP address before you contact your domian regsitor.

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If you were to post the actual name of the domain it'd be a lot easier for us to help you.

What about your domain do you think is a Big Secret? The whole point about name servers is to publish information about your domain to the world. :-)

mike99cAuthor Commented:
Hi giltjr

Thanks for that, sorry for begin vague.

Do A record changes automatically propogate? Do I have to delete and recreate the domain to get the changes?

All records will propogate if your zone is updated correctly.

When you update the primary DNS server for your zone you also need to update the serial number.  Most GUI DNS server configuration/managment tools will automatically update the serial number.  If you are manually editing your DNS configuratio files, you will need to manually update the serial number so that it is numerically greater than the current one.

All secondary servers will ask the primary what the current serial number is.  If it is greater than the current one they know about they will ask to transfer all entries for that zone.

Some new DNS server's (I think BIND V9) will automatically push indvidual entries from the primary to the secondary whenever an update is done.  You still need to update the serial number for these.

However you must get your ISP to update the records that the Internet is using after you clean up your zones.  Hope this helps.
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