error in sqlmangr.exe

Dear Experts

i have an SQL 2000 sp3 installed on win 2k sp 4 server

last week end i tried to add an new RAID controller to my server to increase performance of the server, i took full backup of the system includuing the system state of the server

i used the ntbackup.exe application which built in backup application in windows.

then i shutdown the server and replaced the RAID controller and the hard disks, then i istalled windows 2000

then i did restore for hole system includin the database and the system state, every thing restored properly except the sql manager is not restored.
in server when i tried to run the sql enterprise manager or the query analyser it show this error:

The ordinal 29 could not be located in the dynamic link library odbcbcp.dll

 i coect to the database from my laptop and i didn't find the problem, i fid that if i connect from any workstation then  i will not get any error i'm able to connect to the sql server and run the sql analyser and run my scripts. but if i connect locally from the server, the above error will accure, i checked the odbcbcp.dll file on the backup is different than the one restored, i don't know from where the windows got this version of this odbcbcp.dll file. any way i copied the odbcbcp.dll file from my workstation to the server and the sql analyser works fine and the service start working and the ordinal error stop shows, but when i connect to the enterprice manager and when i select the sql server and when i tried to expand the tree to check the databases available under that server i got an error that system could conect to the server.

please help what to do, what i did now is i return my privous hard disk and RAID controller.

and i wil try to re do the same thing in next thursday, and i don't want to face te same problem.

can a real expert help me on this critical issue?

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
Someone else had the same problem:

MDAC resinstall might help:

Here is a good page with the notes about the restore procedures:

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You'll probably get rid of the problem by reinstalling SP3a on SQL Server.
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