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I am trying to network a Win2K machine with a Win98se machine

My Win2k machine uses a USB cable to a DLINK DSB650TX USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter to originally connect to my Moterola Cable Modem.  I unplugged the CAT5 from my modem and plugged it to a 4 port wired broadband router, and then connected the cat 5 from my DLINK converter, and I still have internet access.

I then connected a Win98se machine (with a NetGear NIC) to the router as well.

I thought that would give me internet access on the Win98 machine and a lan between the two, but neither seems to have worked.

Both are in the same workgroup with different names. Win98 is HELPINGT and Win2k is singleton.

Clicking on Network Neightborhood on Win98 I see singleton (but not helpingt) but I dont see any devices on singleton (the Win2k machine does have the HDs shared)

Clicking on My Network Places on Win2k shows singleton, with all devices, but it does not see helpingt

A friend that networked XP to Win98 said XP made a floppy he had to run on the Win98, but I dont see anything in Win2k to make any floppy to be run on the Win98 machine

Any ideas what I need to do to get a lan between the two machines
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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2000 doesn't have any disk to make.

Did you ensure the 98 machine got an IP Address?  Check it with WINIPCFG.  If you're not getting internet access and not seeing the other computer it sounds like the router isn't handing out IP info to your 98 client.


Yes the IP is and CAT5 is plugged into socket 3

I did a release and it went to 0

I did a renew, and it went back to

I believe the router is working correctly

Incidently when the Win2K boots up it zooms past the logon. I dont know how I set it, but it may not be logging on. I know if I dont logon the Win98 it does not see singleton

However if I click on singleton to see the devices Win98 asks for a password, and AFAIK I did not set one, but it gets an error if I just press enter
Top Expert 2008

look at ipconfig (win2k) and winipfg (win98) make sure that they both have valid ip address.

open a dos shell on each computer and try to 'ping' the other ip address.  for example, from the windows 200, do:


look on the ip configs for the ip address of the 'gateway'.  it should be the same on both computers.  try to 'ping' that address on each.

let us know the results?

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gateway is for both
singleton is
helpingt is

both machines can ping all three IPs
Top Expert 2008

then it looks to me like all is ok.  is DNS assigned too?  in the ipconfigs, you should see that dns is set to  if not, amke sure dns is "server assigned" and that the router is serving DNS.  otherwise, set the dns manually on both computers to the dns server/s of the ISP.  that should get yoy connected to internet.

check that client for microsoft network is bound to the network interfaces/adapter of each computer.



On Win98 winipcfg shows DNS is

Win2K does not have winipcfg and ipconfig does not show DNS on either machine

Right click network neighborhood shows Client for Microsoft Network, and it is Primary Network Logon

Right Clicking the Dlink Ethernet Adapter and asking for properties shows Client for Microsoft Network. I dont know where to look for Primary Network Logon

I dont know how to see whether microsoft network is bound

Things certainly are not ok (although the hardware may be fine)

I dont have internet access on Win98se machine, but the most important thing is that I cant get the lan connection to work:  Win2K does not even see Win98, and although Win98 sees singleton (Win2k) it does not see any folders on it.
Top Expert 2008

>> Win2K does not have winipcfg and ipconfig does not show DNS on either machine

that's right.  winipcfg for win98,  ipconfig /all for win2k

>> I dont know where to look for Primary Network Logon

when you log on to the computer/s, there should be three fields:  username, passwords and domain/workgroup.  make sure that you enter the workgroup name to connect (although not imperative, it is helpful)

>> I dont know how to see whether microsoft network is bound

if it is listed in the network adapter properties, then it is bound ok.

>> I dont have internet access on Win98se machine

if you can ping the router, then you /will/ have access if you want it.

>> although Win98 sees singleton (Win2k) it does not see any folders on it.

that is a promising result.  make a new local user on the win2k with the same username and password as you use on the win98.  make a shared folder on the win2k and give access permission to that new user.

now from the win98 computer, do start->run and enter "\\singleton\sharename"

>> Win2K does not even see Win98

try start->search->files&folders, then click 'computers' near the bottem left of the search pane.  enter HELPINGT there and see if it can be found.



As I indicated earlier when I boot up Win2K it zooms right past the logon. I.E. I dont know exactly what is happening there.

Looking at Users and Passwords there are three ussers  Administrator and Don Singleton are both in Administrator group and there is guest.  When I install programs they sometimes go to Don Singleton and sometimes to all

I cannot seem to create a user on Win2K (add is greyed out)

I dont see 'computers" on search. I see LookIn and it just has local drives


Still waiting to hear some ideas as to how I can resolve this problem.  I believe the hardware connection is fine, and the problem is software related, and probably on the Win2k machine.  IE what have I done that causes it to zoom past the logon? Is it really logging me on?

And if it is logging me on as Don Singleton, why cant I add users as meverest asked me to do on 07/04/2005 04:21PM PDT

Incidently I finally found I could access the Internet from the Win98 machine, but that was not the objective of this effort. I need to be able to move files from my Win2k HD to the Win98 HD (and back)

Hi singleton,
i posted my comment in your other post.

Top Expert 2008

>> what have I done that causes it to zoom past the logon?;en-us;114615

this article talks about windows NT, but i beleive that it applies also to 2000.

>> I cannot seem to create a user on Win2K (add is greyed out)

that's ok - you have "Don Singleton" as a user, that will probably do for now.

1.  on the win2K system, create a folder, say, c:\shared,
2. then right click it and choose proprties, then go to 'security' tab
3. make sure that 'don singleton' (or everyone) has read/write access.  
4. now choose 'sharing tab' (still on folder properties) and select 'shared as' -
5. enter a share name, say "myshare"
6. click check permissions button.  if you leave the share permissions as 'everyone', then so long as the previous security setting (point 3 above) to include 'don singleton', you will be ok.  you can restruct to /just/ don singleton if you wish, which will prevent anyone else access regardless of what the folder security says.
7. now, from the win98 system, click start->run.  enter "\\singleton\myshare" and OK.

if \\singleton\myshare doesn't work, try "\\\myshare"

an expolorer window should open showing the contents of the remote location.  it will probably also ask you for username/password first (use the don singleton credentials).  you can drag and drop files in and out of that window.

the reverse (accessing win98 files from win2k) is similar, but there is no user based authentication for win98, so there is only a password (or none) for access to the actual network share.  follow the same steps as above in reverse, leaving out what doesn't show up on the 98 system.



I get a prompt to enter a password, and I click OK (which is what I do when logging on, because I dont have a password), and it say password does not match.

I would most like to be able to access Win98 from Win2K
Top Expert 2008
>> I get a prompt to enter a password, and I click OK (which is what I do when logging on, because I dont have a password),
>> and it say password does not match.

is this from win2k desktop *to* win98?

in which case you need to enter the password that is set when creating the share on the win98 system.

on win98, when you right click the folder->properties->sharing, there are three options for share access:  no password,
password required for write, password required for read and write.  you should probably use the latter.  enter a password where provided, (maybe twice from memory) and ok.

now when you access from the remote, enter that same password to gain access.

Leandro IaconoSenior Premier Field Engineer
I posted reply in other post ... just letting you know ..

Sorry for interupting over here .. don't mean to butt in ...

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